Thursday, July 9, 2009

country for...tiny men

Anki's parents were nice enough to take us into their homes after the wedding. Her father is a big collector of many things...I like that. There were so many things every where but what grabbed the attention was the big railway track/village he was building up stairs. Really nice. He promised us that it would be even better next year when we come back! So maybe more pictures next year.


Wolf189 Photography said...

Nice shots!

-Straight Edge Photography- said...

UA chan. Wow, I don't think I have made my self clear lately. Every time I drop by your blog the photography gets better and better. Nice to see your stuff bro. Just don't make it into a business, it will take the fun out of it all. I'm heading back to my roots so I can shoot more relaxed from now on. Speak soon.


Uncle Allan said...

Thanks guys!!! Means a lot to me coming from two awesome photographers!!