Saturday, March 7, 2009

Two paintings a day keeps the... umm...monkey away?

Todays doing:

Two paintings. They are from some pictures I took of Amalie a while ago. They are kind of a test to see how that works out. They are both postcard size which is a pretty cool size for something like this so I think I am gonna do more like them. Still need to figure a few details out but I think this is a good start.

If you wanna see who finished her awesome hat then go to see Amalies's blog


Flora Amalie said...

Mine mine mine!!!
Du er bedst!
(Og flottest!)

Hella J said...

Damn! De er flotte! Er specielt vild med det øverste! Hun har nogle killer legs hende din kone!

Flora Amalie said...

Mit vandfarve alter-ego har i hvert fald!

Hella J said...

Mig narrer du ikke søster lystig! Jeg har set dine stænger live!

R. said...

The one with the blue roses looks great! :)

LonneR said...

love these paints!!