Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's aliiiive!

Another Antler lady is slowly coming to life. My day started a bit off when I had a strange reaction to some American cold medicine that made me feel like I had a bad coffee overdose (like that is even possible). It was supposed to be a half day off for drawing but when I came home and started to paint I was still too buzzed so it just didn't work! Frustrating!!! So I started to clean up an old sketch I had lying around so I would get something done. Later this evening it started to wear off so I actually got to paint a bit today!! WEEEEEEEEE!!!!
Hopefully I will get to finish this pretty soon so I can post it.



Flora Amalie said...


Matt Lodder said...

The sexy antler lady is finally being done? Schweeet.

Anonymous said...

looks cool so far i envy your painting skill

Hella J said...

Amerikansk medicin er godt. Når det virker som det skal! Og yay for at være nr 13 i rækken af Uncle Allan blog fans! Det er coolt!

Sam said...

can't wait to see it finished!

was it Ny-Quil? i want some for when you do my neck! x