Sunday, November 23, 2008

Out for a walk

Last night we went out to see our friend Martin, aka Pato, aka Siebenhaar as in Trolle//Siebenhaar play at Loppen. I had brought my Canon G9 to try out some stuff. I wanted to take some shots Martin style but it didn't really work as I wanted. My plan was to take some pictures inspired of how Martins old digital camera takes pictures, flash with long exposure, but that didn't work out so I tried some other things instead just for the fun of it. I donLink't really like taking pictures in the point-n-shoot way unless it's in a touristy kinda way. I like having the camera body and lens in my hand and looking through the viewfinder and I just don't get that same feeling of what you are doing with a small compact camera. The good thing is that it still has all the settings as a slr. It's not the best pictures I have ever taken but I wanted to post something from a good show. Check out Trolle//Siebenhaar.

The Old Looking ones

The Blue Ones

The Guitar


patolicious said...

Tak for fine billeder gamle dreng! Det var så rart at se jer over i min side.. Ligesom i gamle dage!

Anonymous said...

those blue ones are relly cool

Anonymous said...

hey, saw one of your antlerladies and i was so happy, cause that is so similar what I have in mind for a (short) sleeve!
how long is your waitinglist?

/elin, sweden