Monday, November 3, 2008

Osaka Tattoo Event

Right after we arrived to Tokyo and Ink rat we had to go straight to Osaka for a Tattoo event that was beeing held the next day. Thanks to Rei I was gonna work there as well. Japanese tattooevents are like a convention of sorts...kinda...usually everybody is booked ahead and sometimes even by regulers. It seems more like a showcase than an actual convention that way since it doesn't seems like people come to get tattooed but more just too look at it beeing done.

Justify FullMy customer was to our surprice wearing cats ears...yep!!

Hata at work

Papa Rei.

What is a Tattoo Event without a good sexy poledance?

Hiroyuki and Kaori aka Team Cotton-Picking.

Somebody saw that I was taking pictures and insisted that I took a picture of their I did.

Newest addition to the Ink Rat family. Horitoshi.

Todays Work.
Morphed picture.

For more pictures and tales from our trip so far go to Amalies blog who always does a more interesting job at this blogging than me!! Gomenasai.

Soon more pictures...


Anonymous said...

Hehe, i er totalt kawaii på det første billede!

Anonymous said...

Hey det er lady-katteøre-trusse-viser på første billede. Det er hun i hvert fald på Malles blog!