Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Due to lack of time and internet and imagenation I will post todays post from my wife's blog.

She has already said my point so well that I don't have anything to add....and there is also a picture of my naked butt!!!

This post is also a confirmation that I survied yet another 7 hour session on my back from Shige.

Soooo go see "my" post here!


CoreyGirl said...

TWO 7 hour sits in what, a week?

you are officially my hero!!

Uncle Allan said...

Ha ha yep one week between the two sessions. Last one lasted little over 8 hours but I think we had about an hour break all in all. Thanks to your advice. Nyquil rocks!!

CoreyGirl said...

it does rock.. but youre still insane. once i found the magic of nyquil, my appointments were always for 3 hours so i never tried a long haul.

luckily? i wont have to try now...

but for my arm i will!