Monday, November 2, 2009

All that Jazzzzz

Today was second session on this here Jazz age chick. Today we added something for her to listen to. We thought that this here lady were all about the Jazz but it turns out that she is waaaay ahead of her time and totally digs Bruce Springsteen. That's what she is listening to right here on this here arm. Who would have thought? Due to travels and stuff we won't be able to work on this until sometime in January. Sigh!!

...Did I mention that we are going to Japan on Friday?? AWESOMEEEEEEE!!!!


Flora Amalie said...

Så kæmpe flot mand!!
Jeg er ikke sikker på at jeg digger hendes musiksmag, men resten af hendes stil fejler ikke noget!

Scott Bramble said...

I've been lurking around your blog for a bit now. I had to finally comment on this one. Man this is gonna be an amazing tattoo. Way to keep finding a way to one up yourself. Haha

tara a. said...


ErikSwe said...

Lovely position to it all...dreamy, yet, standard.