Thursday, November 5, 2009

Leaaaaving on a jet plane....

...but my bags are not this will be a quick post.

Here is what I have spend the last couple of days on.

First up we have a new Super trooper!! That's right folks!! This guy proved that you don't have to come from the other side of the world to toughen up and sit for a looooong time! This here viking sat like the super trooper he is for 8 and a half hours! Good job!!

Today I had a crazy busy day. Went to the bank to order yen. Went to a different bank to pay the deposit for the new shop. Went to the post office to send the lease for the new shop. Then it was time to go to work! This British fellow tat zapper got his bat on.

I was supposed to have my new dirty antler girls prints today but they didn't turn out perfect so I will have to start all over with taking pictures of the painting and look at different paper and shit when we get back from Japan. I do promise that I will keep working on getting the boards to the shop asap and as soon as we are back I will look into shipping the Satanic Antler lady out to the rest of the world. That also goes for the Uncle A/Chriss Dettmer prints.

But now I gotta pack!! See you from Japan!


Martin P said...

wow helt fantastisk flot tatovering du har lavet der på underbenet. Jeg kan ikke vente til at komme i gang igen. Meget misundelig! Tillykke til den heldige ejer!

endijss said...

have a nice trip man. ;)