Friday, November 6, 2009

Koenji desu!

We are back at our second home...Koenji, Tokyo, Japan!! Soooo good to be back. After a nice flight were I had the pleasure of watching the latest action crap that I wouldn't( get to see anywhere else than in a plane...this time GI Joe) we got safely to Ink Rat where I got thrown right into a few customer consultations. Well we have had our coffee from our local cafe, browsed at our seven eleven and now we are unpacking at our flat that this time has it's own internet and everything!!! In a sec we will go back to Ink Rat where we will hook up with our little Cali buddy Jon and Brian for some Freshness burger action...later dinner...

See you soon with some pictures to go with the tales from Japan!

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klaus said...

its brian bonehead!