Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Up in flames

This is what went down yesterday. Well I started by doing two feathers on his wifes feet. Nice and cute. But this was the real challenge. I had to cover up one of these classic flame armbands. I normally don't like doing coverups but this one went nice and smooth. He wanted to have it super simple style and all done in one go so Out came the big liner and simple he got. Normally I think I would have done this in two settings and added a bunch of details specially in the skull and the background but it was fun to do it simple and big.

Now it is time for a day off. See you later.


Willows said...

dude, I can't see anything under the new tat.
very nice work man.

Anonymous said...

Abouth f**** time you started
on cover-ups..So that mean I dont have to get laser?
take care uncle A

your exfriend