Sunday, November 15, 2009

DANGER! Kishi is near!!

Kishi and Jon with his Painting from Kishi.

The other night we went to see Kishi in his studio in Shibuya. It is one of those studios that you have to know where is to find it and even then I think it can be tricky. But lucky for us we had our little Hata with us so we could find Kishis secret cave. What a magic little cave it was. Tons of small nick nacks and skulls and figures and stuff and stuff...everywhere.
After a small machine testing/talk we all got a bunch of presents in form of posters, stickers and a Kishi keychain (an actuall small figure of him self).
He canceled his last appointment so that we could all go out to eat. He took us to a really nice restaurant with lots of delicious food.
After dinner Kishi thought that it would be in order to have juuuust one more beer before we went home so of we went to a small bar that he knew. Cool place with a bunch of old records behind the counter that led to talks about good old music.
It was another great night in Tokyo with great people!

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