Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This was my view for most of the time this weekend. I had two sessions on my back with Shige...two days in a row.
First day was 6 hours of lining pattern in the kimono and a bit of colouring of some fabric and the next day was almost 6 hours of colouring the pattern that we had lined the day before. It is not fun to get colouring done with a small liner for 6 hours...aurgh!!
If you wanna see my naked ass then go to Amalies blog. If you wanna see what Shige is doing on me you can also go to Amalies blog.

Now I have to go do some more of these tattoo things! I got some cool ones from yesterday and hopefully I will get a good picture of what I am doing today so More tattoos soon to come!



Hella J said...

Super trooper!!!!

Steffen//Dude said...

holy fuck shitter Allan, den ser jo fucking fantastisk ud med farver....!!! kimono fox for the win.....

sejt !