Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hot Sunday

Just a little last post before I go to work. Just didn't want to wait to long again with the next post.
This is some picture we took a while ago. Had fun, hot wife, played with light and camera so it was a good sunday for me and it is my favorite subjet (hot wife) so, one happy camper here.
Now, I gotta go to work

Antlers are In this season!

I know I have posted her before but never with a good picture of her so here she is! And on that note I bid you good night!

God save the Queen?

Started this anti-royalist sleeve yesterday! 5 and a half hours of mostly lines thanks to all the finelined feathers I had decided to throw in (specially nicely placed around the elbow...what is wrong with me?). It will be great though! Can't wait to add stuff and get color in this nice little dead peacock.


I finally got around to put the final touch on the painting I did for the Last Mile t-shirt design. I will post more news as soon as the start selling case anyone want to know! I think they will have them ready for their show in Copenhagen next thursday but it might take a bit longer before they will be sold online! The antler Gentleman tshirt is for sale right here.

Eric doesn't like humans!

Here is the newest piece on Erics sleeve of animals that hurts humans! Enough said! Notice that it is a child can tell by the big eyes....grusome!!!

Days at the beach!

...well not completly untrue! Well first things first! We had 2 weeks of from the shop that we had planed almost a year ago. We decided to just stay home in Denmark on this little vacation. The first days we spended fixing up our appartment and stuff but the last week or so we went to the country side where Amalie's parents has a big summer house. The weather was not as we had hoped for so we stayed most of the time in our room, me painting and Amalie making hats (go check it out on her profile). I had to make a painting for the cover of Tattoo Artist Magazine that I was kinda late for and on top of that I had another deadline for a book projekt called Give Me Your Skull. Well, I don't want to spoil the surprise by post it here before they get poplished so you will have to wait for is some pictures of where we spend our nice relaxed vacation...and it is near the beach by the way!!

...More photos from Bisserup, that's the name of the town, later. I had Holga and the cat with me...stay tuned


First off...sorry that I havn't been blogging for a while! I know, I know! Bad Uncle!! Sorry to those 2-3 of you who reads this thingy! But now I will try to be more blogistic and blog more than ever before...or at least when I have something to blog does that work for everyone?
But since I havn't been blogging for a while things have been piling up here in my blog folder so get ready for a bloggathon!!!...unless if you look at my blog, like most people, and read it from the top and in that case this is the end of it! Hmmm... Well on with the show!!

I had these two Canadian brothers coming to get tattooed...well they didn't come to Denmark just to get tattooed. They had family roots here in Denmark and were also here to see old family places and such! Anywho...Kyle wanted this skull with the hourglass that he found on a plate on a tumb in the cathedral in Roskilde when he was here last year.

...and my version of it:

His brother wanted this drowning young gypsy lady...sooooo that is what he got!

They were good company which was really good since that day turned out to be one loooong all niter!! We will look forward to have them back some other time!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

I Love Lamp!!!

...In the spirit of the news team on channel is the lamp that I did on Dan Sinnes. He does love lamp...and desk!!

....Spanish for...a whales vagina!!

Customer of the month: Fil from the UK!! Two days in a row. First day he got his hand done. A tribute to his grandpap who was a wrestler and smoked the pipe! Fil used to call him Ganny so that of cause had to be included aswell!

Second day we did a tribure to a nother great man...Mr. Ron Burgundy, The Anchorman (aka Will Farrell). With the piece Fil recieved both the title of customer of the month AND trooper since he lasted 8 hours! Good job!! It was so much fun to do even though we worked till 2 o'clock in the was worth it! I'm affraid that the picture doesn't do it justice but you'll get the idea!

Stay Classy San Diego!

We took these pictures the other night at the shop for an article my wifes friend was doing about body art.