Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sadistic Magician

Here is the last couple of tattoos I did here in Japan... for now anyway. Still have a few more to do but now a few days of vacation. The day before yesterday I got my last session on this trip from Shige and yesterday was Amalies turn. I bet there will be some pictures of both on her blog as soon as she has the time to post them. She did soooo well and we went out with Shige and his family for dinner after her session.
Today we went back to Yokohama. We met up with Toshi at Yokohama station. We went by Yellow Blaze to say hi to Shige again. Matt
(the guy who I did a neck and a palm on) were having his 3rd session on his sleeve so he was having fun! We took his wife Sam with us for a bit of China town shopping and a trip to the Ramen Museum! This place was amazing so it deserves it's own post later with pictures.
Tomorrow is another amazing day in Japan and with no work. I might take my camera and have a little photogrphic adventure... I need that! I have a few ideas in mind and there is some places I need to go check out as well now that I finally have the time.
So see you soon.

The Grim-Seahorse

To be continued in April.

And here is your soundtrack:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kyō wa mokuyobi desu

Today is our day off. We are gonna go shopping with Hata and later go have dinner with our friend Izumi. This is a big deal for us since it is the first time we will meet her boyfriend and see where they live.
This is some pictures I got back yesterday. Nothing fancy but I thought I might throw them up here anyway.


Papa Rei.

Meals on wheels.

Sweet potatoes and baked potatoes.

Amalie Desu.

Moving on...
Mata ne

Kyō wa suiyōbi desu

So this was the last day of the super Tattoo Madness part of the trip. Still have a few more pieces to do but it will be easy compared to this week of making one Trooper/Super Trooper (6 hours/8 hours) after the other. I am telling you, they must put something in the water in Australia because we are talking 9 and 9,5 hours with no complains. One guy even got two tattoos with one day apart and was still talking about going for the highest of titles next time... JEDI KNIGHT! That's right! 11 hours! That, my friends, is the true trooper spirit!
Well let's get to the pictures, shall we and why not start with this young Padawan.

We started with his upper arm. Do to rough Jedi skin it took me longer than I had hoped for so it will have to wait until April to be finished and blogged. He still made it way past Super Trooper on that one. He did, however, finish his Trooper titled piece a couple of days after.

In between his mad sessions we managed to find the time to make a Trooper worthy tattoo on his girlfriend. Can't go wrong with a classic like an owl. Specially if you slap some antlers on it!

The next Aussie couples didn't hold back on their Trooperness either!
Ladies first!
This is a little tribute to her cat. She wanted her cat to have a Venetian mask on and riding a carousel horse. It ended up looking like this after more than 9 hours.

Matt here had his whole arm lined and shaded two days in a row by Shige. Even though that still wasn't fully healed yet he still didn't hesitate (much) to get a huge neck piece AND a palm done. ATTENTION: Palms will NOT be a new thing for me to do. This was the first time and I did it to try it out and since he REALLY wanted me to do it. The deal was that he gave me a spot where I could do a nice tattoo so he at least would have something nice to show from me in case it fell out or blew up or something. And since the rest of his skin was already spoken for to get a bodysuit then we were left with the neck. Some of you might know that I am not the biggest fan of doing neck. It sucks. But to my luck Matt had the best neck skin in the world and that allowed me to do one of the biggest neck tattoo that I have ever done.

We were supposed to do both his palms but we figured that after 5 hours of tattooing on the neck one hand would do. We also just wanna see how that goes and if everything is good we will do the other before we leave.
This idea was Amalies idea. See, I was looking for something mystical/occult/secret to do on this hand since he is getting the pyramid with the all seeing eye on the other. She came up with doing a rose so you could lift your hand and talk "Sub Rosa". Press the link to read about that. Cool idea babe! I googled a bit and came up with this simple 5 leafed rose like they used in the churches.

Last up is this little fellow! I was a bit concerned at first because he only had this spot to give me. Between upper and lower arm on a skinny dude with two cool Matt Sharmah tattoos on both insides. On top of that he wanted it to get a pyramid with an eye. Ok, one more then. It ended up being a really cool piece if you ask me. I am super stoked about them all and you guys have all been good company.
This dude didn't make it to Trooper though, since it didn't take that long. Still think he did a good job any way. Maybe next time when I come back.

I am falling asleep while typing now so I think I will go to bed now.

There might be some pictures coming up tomorrow since it is a day off but we do have plans so only maybe.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Neko Desu

I am almost done with my Tattoo marathon part one. I will have a brief stop tomorrow and then back on it friday. But today is still a work day so you will have to wait just a bit longer for some crazy tattoo pictures.
Mean while, here is some pictures from our first trip to Yellow Blaze. Shige had saved this tiny kitten the morning that I got tattooed. You can read more about this little fellow on Amalies blog HERE

Now I will have to go to work! One more day and then finally a day off. Ahhhhh...

Mata Neeeee

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Eye Of The Tiger

We have safely arrived in Japan. The flight was ok but unfortunately I couldn't I watched Rocky Balboa again. Second time on a plane. Anyway... The no sleeping thing wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't because I actually had to work as soon as we got there. There was no other day we could do this since she was going home the next day and who am I to deny her her first tattoo...on the ribs? She did super well and hopefully she will soon forget how painful it was.

After work we went out to our welcome dinner which was good but hard to keep awake to. At this point we must have been awake for like 30 hours or so. The food was good though... I looooove Japanese food.
After a quick stop at our SevenEleven for some icecream and sodas we went home and tried to stay awake for a few minutes of Japanese tv...didn't last long.

Next day I was back at work again. While I was doing my scheduled tattoo this young fellow came in to Inkrat to get a tattoo of Abraham Lincoln. Hata didn't have time so he asked if I could do it. I have been wanting to tattoo Abe for a while so I figured why not. It was a funny feeling too, doing a walkin, since I havn't done that in ages. But he got his Kinda-dead-pressident.

After work we went to dinner followed by a quick trip to Village Vanguard for some shopping. I love shopping at night!
Today is a day off before 2 days in Yokohama. I will get tattooed tomorrow and Amalie is up next so maybe it will be a few days before I am back here with updates but updates there will be. A lot of work to come as well. As always you can also follow our doings on the wifeys blog.
Now I will enjoy my first day of in Japan.

Mata ne.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

O' God The Aftermath

My evil Norwegian homeboy Martin came back to get some more evil sataness carved into his skin. This is turning into the most evil sleeve I have ever done and maybe will ever do. I mean, if I wasn't going to hell for the satanic dirty antler ladies then this sleeve would save me a good spot.
This time he actually had two days in a row but we still have a bit left on todays session so you will have to settle with yesterdays evilness:


Amalie asked what it needed all the eyes for. Well, you see. It is a hard job to be a demonic devil wolf so you will need:
A pair of X-ray eyes.
A pair of Night vision eyes.
A pair of normal eyes.
A pair of infrared eyes.
A pair of HD Vision eyes.
A pair of EVIL eyes
and of course the LAZER EYE.
That's what!!

More Norwegian blackness in January.

Ole came by last week to get his arm photographed. Nice and healed. Not only that but he brought a bunch of cool stuff for the shop! Amazing! Thanks duder!! Well here is a preview but you will have to go to the shop blog to see the whole thing when Amalie has had the time to post it.

One more day and we are of to Japan. AWESOOOOME!!!
Lot of work, 2 sessions with Shige but hopefully also some good times to walk the streets of Tokyo and snap a picture or two.
But now...sleepytime!

What's that? I forgot the music video? Well ok then. To even out all the evilness, here is some nice young Christian guys.