Monday, September 22, 2008

More (Insert horse sounds)

All though I did get some good surgestions on how to spell that sound horses make I still keep it up to the reader to make his or her own horse sound. So go ahead! Do it!! You know you want to!

Ok with that done I will just show this newest piece in the line of majestic animals! This proud horse is now owned by a Swedish girl who today recieved her first tattoo. Did good too! No moving or whimpering or anything! Good job.

Hunter Spanks got here this morning. And by morning I mean 7 o'clock!!! Damn!! Too early if you ask me! Anyway! It is good to have him here! He brought his 3 sheets of the flash that we are doing together...and they kick ass on my sheets that I kinda thought were done...well not any more! I need to add some stuff and fix up some things to keep up with what he has done! It is AWESOME!!! So I am gonna skidadle and go paint!!

Maybe tomorrow then!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Flash Update

I did it! I finished my half of the split flash set that I am doing with my friend Hunter Spanks! The goal was to have it finished for the London Tatttoo Convention next weekend but I also wanted to have it finished before he get here tomorrow morning.
I havn't seen what he has added to my 3 center pieces and he hasn't seen what I have done with his 3 sheets so we are both excited to finally see the whole set finished and together. This is also why you guys will have to wait just a little bit more to see the brand new flash!!! But I can give you a tease!!

Maybe tomorrow, when Hunter gets here with the rest of the sheets, I will post the whole set! Maybe!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

3 IN 1

Yesterday I had to do something that I normally don't like...take in 3 customers in one day! Well, normally I do big pieces so I don't have time for more than 2 a day but 2 of these pieces were almost done and only needed 1 hour each.

First was the fox. Crazy pieces on this guy! His first tattoo on the other side of the chest is a crazy rabbit in a rose and more crazy animals will be added later.

Mads here with the big rib piece is a skater and really good at it too. This is his first tattoo. I think we did this in 3 sessions so that's pretty imprssive if you ask me. Good job! Maybe we will see more of him later both with new tattoos but also in pictures of what he does best. We talked about shooting some pictures next time he was in Copenhagen to skate. Could be fun and I need to take some pictures soon!!!!

The last one was Klaus. He had heard that word on the street was that it was a good idea to bring cake when getting tattooed and by is he right. Well he did! Weather he baked that delicious carrot cake himself or if he had help from his girlfriend Katja will remain unsertain but god damn was that delish!!! Anyway! I had only planed to do a short session on him, 3 customers in 1 day and all, but we ended up almost finishing his leg. We just need to boost the background and do the last evil flower right there on the shin so that had to wait.

All in all pretty good for a days work if you ask me!

The rest of the day will be devoted to finishing the flash set that I am doing togehter with my buddy Hunter Spanks. It is supposed to be done for the London Convention so I better get my painting hat on and get going! ...maybe some picture taking!! Need to take pictures of ANYTHING!

Insert Horse sound Here!

I couldn't come up with a cool headline and I didn't know how to spell (well, insert Horse sound again) so you will just have to "read" the headline out loud.

Here is a little update/new addition to a sleeve that includes a nice portrait of her dog, a BC Rich Warlock guitar, moths, skulls and roses and now this unicorn! All we need to do on it now is add more moths and stuff so it all comes together!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Busy busy bee!

Sorry! Not much time to talk! I am supposed to do like a 1000 things but I feel that I better update my blog aswell! So here we go...the speed version:

Our good friend Sid from Santa Ana finally made it to Denmark so we could repay a bit of the hospitality he has given us!! Good times! Unfortunatly he could only stay a few days but we had fun. Not much seightseeing but we did manage to watch 2 seasons of Weeds in two days! Yes sir!

Here is todays piece. Not much to say about it other than a fun piece to do so here it is. To be continued in a month!
Just to mention a few of the things that takes my time away from blogging is finishing my tshirts designs, finish my flash set that I am doing with Hunter Spanks (who will come next week) make poster for Evian convention 2009, Present for Henning Jørgensen (late for that one) and I also have a bunch of ideas for paintings that I want to try out...ohh well!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Shiver Me Timbers

After a long but fun weekend with 25 years anniversary party for Henning Jørgensens Royal Tattoo, and a great wedding for Fie (aka Flo) and her (now) husbond at the countryside (where I danced...that's right...wasn't even drunk) it was back to the life in Copenhagen where the only fisherman we could see, as far as the eye could reach, was the one I had to do today!

Our friend Martin, who lives on the same street as the shop, had decided that it could be da bomb to get a "classic" Danish painting of a fisher tattooed. We aren't even completly sure if he is Danish or not but most people know him and remembers him from flea markeds or their grandparents homes!

Awesome job on a monday where nothing else seems to fun!

The Original Fisher

The new tattooed version

The wedding was really fun and I meet my best friend in Gymnasium who I hadn't seen in about 13 year! It was a bit strange because we were both kinda shy but it was nice to talk to him again.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bella Bella Bella!

Today has been a good day! My customer today had to cancel (not so good) but that ment that we could run home and do stuff! I have been drawing and painting all day and finally got started on a painting that I have been working on for a while. More of that later.

But then!! The mail (actually a package dude) man came...really late and with him he had my Bella books. What is that? you might say...well if you havn't checked the link then I can tell you that it is a book projekt that I had the honor to be involved in. The theme of the book is women, hence the name, and it is a bunch of great tattoo artist who each have done a piece for the book. My contribution was one of my Antler Ladies. That's right so there is a way to get one! Buy the book!!
That can be done on This site. It really is an awesome book and I am really happy to be in it so hurry up and buy a copy!

Monday, September 1, 2008

After-weekend update!

Amalie and me had an awesome weekend...a real one without too much work. Lots of lots of relaxing time and icecream and coffe and Lucifer and stuff and stuff. That ment less creative stuff to post so here is a bit of tattoo update from last week! Uhhh...I did take some pictures of the hats that Amalie has made so I will post some of those later!

A little update on Stephs mechanical butterfly sleeve.

My bookpusher got her little frog Victor done...and brought cake...banana, chokolate cake!!

Amalie took this picture to proof it!

Today was a short day because I had a cancelation so we have time to go to the movies!! So we decided to see "Wanted"...hope it is as cheasy as I expect!!