Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Almost done

We are getting close to the end of this year and personally I can't wait for it to be over. This last year has been a ride for sure. This last year has been filled with a lot of challenges and I feel that with the end of the year it might soon be over. At least it will get easier from here on out. I know that I'm gonna do what I can to make next year a whole lot better. I have a whole lot of things planned already and these plans makes next year look a lot brighter than this year has been. I don't mean to make it sound like it has been a totally shitty year but I do feel that next year will be better... I can feel it. 

There will be tons of changes at the shop and I hope that with more balance in the shop and my life I will have more time and energy to produce more. So many projects have been put on hold because of what has been going on around me and my shop. It's time to get back on track, to get back into the game and I'm excited about it! 

It will still take me some time before everything is the way I want it but as long as I can see that I'm heading in the right direction then I'm happy!

As always I can only thank all my amazing and supportive customers who have been patient and understanding. It means a world to me! I can't wait to see you all and hopefully a lot of new people in the new year! Thanks for letting me do all the fun tattoos. Thanks for all the good talks. Thanks for all the great, fun presents! You are all amazing! I truly have the best customers!!

Now down to business before I have to go to the other blog and work there...

I have been slacking a bit getting started on the bookings for the next couple of months. As before mentioned, I will only be booking about 2 months ahead of time.... no more ridiculous waiting list... Just a couple of months at the time. This is better for me so I can travel when I want. Take time off to do other projects and fix the shop and my home. Now, since I have been a bit lazy there is still a few openings in January and February. To avoid getting too far behind with the bookings I am also opening up bookings for March. So if you want to get tattooed in January, February or March then write me an email to
with what you want to have done, where, what size and what ever else I need to know to book you in. Please try to gather as much information in as few mails as possible since I am taking care of all my email by myself now and therefor don't have as much time to write back and forth. Thanks! 
... I might go to Bergen, Norway in the end of January or in February so If you let me know if you want to get tattooed in Berlin as soon as possible so I know when to go to Norway. There is a guestspot involved in the trip but I will announce it if there is any open spots left so check back soon. 

I am looking forward to be back at the Brighton Tattoo Convention this February. As last year and as at the London Tattoo Convention I will be doing Walk-ups from premade designs. No bookings so just drop by the booth and see what is available and say hi. I hope to have some more new merch with me too... we will see.
Speaking of...
There is still a few shirts left in the store so head on over to Conspiracyinctattoo.bigcartel.com and shop.

This brings us to the last point for today.
One of the things I have been wanting to do at the shop is to make a small selection of originals for sale. I am planning on making it a permanent thing, that there will always be a few framed small originals for sale at the shop... in case you feel like buying a small piece of art for you wall after getting your tattoo. I will post some pictures of this soon... frames are almost ready for the first batch. Soon....

Now picture time!

So with this I wish you all a happy New Year! See you in 2015 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Black (X)-Mass

Finally!! I found the time to add the brand new tshirts to the Conspiracy Inc. Webshop. 
There is two different designs, both printed on white and black shirts. Perfect for worshipping Satan and listening to sweet sweet evil tunes... or doing the dishes...what ever. But I was luck to catch Kinga in the middle of some evil satanic ritual, while wearing the new shirts, so I quickly shot some pictures of the mystic seance to present these new items. These shirts are printed by my friend Marco from The Secret under his printing brand Perpetual Lab. There will be some more collaboration between us in a near future.
So hurry over to The Conspiracy Shop and order some new shirts before we run out again. I will do my best to ship them out every other day so that they might make it in time to be under a tree on the 24th... but I obviously can't promise anything since I don't have any power over the post offices... yet! 

There is also still a few Gorgoroth prints and the Morningstar print left at the webshop so go go go!! Go shop!!

More news soon!!