Friday, March 27, 2009

Domo Arigato Mr Roboto

Yesterday I did my first blog friendly tattoo on this trip. She lasted 7 hours of hurt on her tiny leg but as a true Japanese customer without any complaint or movement or anything. Good job! I love Japanese customers.

After work we went back to the cool Osaka Pizza place where Mattias joined us for dinner. Good times. A good way to finish a hard days work in awesome Tokyo.

Today I am starting one of three American rib pieces. Hope they will do as good as my Japanese friends.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Koenji desu

Still enjoying the good life here in Tokyo. I have only done 2 tattoos so far and even though it was both on necks it has been a nice change from the hectic Denmark workdays that sometimes last from 9 in the morning till 10-11 in the evening. This will soon enough end. It looks like I will have a busy weekend coming up.

The other day I got my first out of three sessions on this trip with Shige. This time he "only" did 5 hours so it was a good change from the last two 8 hours sessions last time. There he is...the only man who will ever get to shave my but. This time he colored in the little statue on my leg, shaded some of the tails and started doing some color in the cherry blossoms on my leg...and but. Yes I have cherry blossoms on my butt. Maybe I will give you guys some juicy nude photos later when I have got some more done. MAYBE.

Today is a day off and the plan is to chill a bit here in Koenji and then meet up with our friend Mattias and go to an art show opening at this place called The Ghetto. It is a show that our friend Crystal puts up. More about that later.
Now picture time. This is still from my new beloved Lomo Lc-a+.


The street.

The view to the left

The view to the right

The walkpath




Sunday, March 22, 2009

"you make me childish like a kitten in creamy rainbow"

We are back home in Tokyo, Japan (not to be mistaken by the Tokyo in Denver). The flight was good and it was awesome to fly directly from Copenhagen to Tokyo. That made the trip about 4 hours shorter...niiiice!
When we got here the weather was really nice and spring like. After my 11 day in a row tattooing madness it was nice to get a mood boost like this. Denmark and Danish people can drive me nuts to the point where a short bike ride to the shop can make me angry but sitting in the Narita express looking out the window being surrounded by Japan made it all go away. Even the weather yesterday where it was grey and windy with a bit of rain could bring me down...nooo problem. It is good to be back...

Back to the story...

We got to Inkrat where Hata was too busy to take us to the appartment rental office so we had to hang out at the shop all day while the jetlag (jetrag in native tounge) was catching up on us. Later our friend Izumi joined us for dinner at (for us) a new resturant that makes Osaka Pizza (a Rei given name). The place was awesome, build like old school Osaka (apperently) like a small ally with drainpipes and metal plates on the walls. There were all sort of cool posters and toys everywhere and the food was deliiiish. It will not be our last visit here.
Yesterday was spend hanging out at Inkrat and talking to a few customers about designs and stuff. We also got our tickets to see BAD RELIGION and Nofx....CAN'T WAIT!!!! And also finally we got our tickets to the Ghibli museum. We have been meaning to go there everytime we are here but it can be kinda hard to get tickets! But now we are in!! Catbus here we come.

Today I will do my first tattoo favorite kind...a throat...but it is all good...I am in Japan.
Hopefully our Swedish friend Mattias will drop by. I can't wait to hang out and be a camera nerd with him. He is an awesome photographer and has already tought me a lot so I bet he will teach me a trick or two this time as well.
Now no more is some shots from my first roll of film taken on the first day of our trip.

We went by our acade to what was new and what was in the ufocatchers this time.
Our good friend Rilakuma

It didn't take Rei many 5 minuttes before he took one of my machines to finetune the setting..."now maybe number one setting"

The Osaka Pizza place. This is inside a building.

Izu and Ame.

Today the sun is back....mmmm....See you soon.

Friday, March 20, 2009

See ya later skater

Dear blog readers.

I am sorry that I haven't been here keeping you updated on all my doings lately. After a 11 days workweek with days as long as 16 hours there has been little time or energy to blog...and now we are going to Japan!!!! There has been a bunch of new pieces and I finished a few as well but not a lot of pictures good enough to show so you will have to wait for some healed picture to come.
I also got a few rolls of film back but I haven't even had time to check it out yet. I might bring them to Japan and post some from there.

Before I go pack my suitcase I will leave you with this AWESOME GOAT FROM HELL!!!
My good friend Jacob came by and hung out for a couple of days. Since I work all the time I never have time to hang out with friends so this was really cool. Hanging WHILE working...great concept!

I gotta run...see you time from Japan...mmmmmm....Japan!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Soooooomewhere ooooover the rainbow...

These two tattoos is kinda not really a style that you see me do that often and maybe that is why it was so fun to do.

First this little Mr Luck. It's a tease...go see the rest on the Conspiracy Inc. Blog. It has a rainbow and everything!!
Her original idea was to get a rabbits foot for luck but you can't just get thaaat! You need something else...right? So we did the whole rabbit and as a last minutes change we added the actual rabbits foot. Weeee 2 in 1!!!

Next is Sandra who wanted a couple of Blåmejser...that's the name of the bird. As the design progressed I decided to add more and more details and that kept happening while tattooing. It was just supposed to be a nice simple traditional kinda piece but when you are having fun why stop, right? We almost didn't make it but after a few tricks we had done too much to stop so she did it anyway! Hurraaaaa!!! After that I did a few hours of lines on Marcus sleeve with crazy nuclear waste mutated octopus and bass. Pictures after next session where we will start some color!

That's it for tonight! Now relaxing time!! I need it! Yesterday was work non-stop in one way or the other from I woke up at 9 till 3:30 at night!! Tooo much!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


It is 1 at night and we almost just got home from work...gotta draw a Beastie Boys owl...Werd!

Just a few words to update ya'll what goes down in Uncle town:

Eagles Of Death Metal ROCKED last night!!!

Two new tattoos that are much different than what I usually do coming up...when I get time...

Check out my amazing wifes blog. She has some great post about our upcoming trip to Japan. I wish that I could write something like that but I can't as well as her so just go read hers! You rock!!

YES we are going to Japan soon and I can't wait!! Now seriously go read Amalies blog!

I finished lining Marcus sleeve with radioactive bas and octopus fighting a fisherman...awesome...and I just realised that I DIDN'T post about that before...well it's cool. Trust me.

That's it...

Now I have to draw. Got a tight schedule tomorrow.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Granddad the sailor man

These two brothers wanted to get a tribute tattoo for their granddad. Their plan was to get the same tattoo as he had...well kinda...newer version. They brought in a picture of the tattoo but since it was THAT old and the picture of it was just a normal picture blow up in size it was kinda hard to see what it really looked like. We came to the conclusion that it was a dagger going through the skin with a snake around it! Sweet!

What I did was that I traced the basic shape and just redrew the tattoo as I saw it. It turned out pretty cool if you ask me and I thought it was a fun idea.
I hope your granddad would have appreciated it...and that your grandma won't kill you guys for this.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Two paintings a day keeps the... umm...monkey away?

Todays doing:

Two paintings. They are from some pictures I took of Amalie a while ago. They are kind of a test to see how that works out. They are both postcard size which is a pretty cool size for something like this so I think I am gonna do more like them. Still need to figure a few details out but I think this is a good start.

If you wanna see who finished her awesome hat then go to see Amalies's blog

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nighthawks at the Conspiracy...

...well even though it was in the middle of the afternoon.
Today one of our bestest buddies, mr El Marvino, aka Marv, aka Martin, aka Pato aka many more names, came to get his Nighthawk tattoo done. It was a sticker design that I had done long time ago for the song Nighthawks that he did for his first record. Almost done with the 2nd (and 3rd) record he felt that it was time to get that old hawk done and move on to the next chapter in the tale of Marvin.
Good times with a lot of AC/DC (Marvin had made 2 different Mix "tapes"/cds with his best of AC/DC) coffee and cake. Awesome!!
You can see more of the fun times on my wifes blog.

The reason for his rough look is not as dramatic or cool as it could be. No stupid bar fight or heroic act involving many ninjas that had to be beaten to save a small village from the terror of the evil...hrmm..ok ok he fell on his bike...don't drink and drive people!! There you have it!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Return Of The Skating Twin

I'm a little behind with my blogging so this is not from today. It's from this Monday.
Mads came back for more heavy tattoo action: his gigantic rib piece didn't scare him off.
This time it was for a 3/4 sleeve with a pretty little gypsy girl and some roses and the sad and happy masks. Next time we will add her true companion the Tucan. He will be sitting on her crystal ball that might tell you tales from the future...or maybe just work as a really cool bed lamp. it is so far. I am off to see Sworn Enemy, Walking The Cadaver, Freya and CDC.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Grotesquery Conceiled (Within Measureless Magic)

These two guys came from the Uk and Ireland all thought they both originally come from Polan. After 16 hours without sleep and a long travel to get here we did 5 hours on the dagger. A "classic" choice of design that I have done a few times before but I'm happy with the result and don't feel that he got a piece that I have done already. Well he was happy and I was happy...the dog was happy and I think my wife was happy so that's good right?

You can go to the Conspiracy Inc. Blog to see the whole tattoo and see what else is up in the world of Conspiracy Inc.

Next was this evil Valkyrie (not Tom Cruise) who you can see here sporting the Norwegian national make-up. Don't know what she is up too...but I'm sure it is noooo goood! Or maybe she's just coming from a King Diamond or Dimmu Borgir show. Who knows.

But this guy earned himself the title of trooper by 7 and a half hours of torture!!

These guys had done their homework and brought cake TWO days in a row and there by earned a shared spot as the customer(s) of the month for cake and sitting well for a long time. Good job guys and I am looking forward to do some more crazy mayhemish tattoos when you come back in December.