Sunday, April 1, 2012

Operation black Lionheart

Last weekend was the opening of my first solo show ever. Faces of Black Metal. Lionheart Tattoo Gallery was nice enough to let me hang my paintings and photos on their walls for a while so please go check them out and make it worth their time... and also to make me happy! Shoot them an email first to make sure that they are open just in case.

There is about 26 paintings all inspired or based on Peter Beste's book "True Norwegian Black Metal". To mix it up a bit I also show some photos of Norways forest and the Fantoft church that got burned down.
A catalogue will be available on their site soon if you are interested in buying one of these evil bad boys! I have to say that is hard to judge the paintings from the catalogue since it is only parts of the paintings and without the fancy frame work done by my awesome wife, who worked her ass off to make the frames all nice and ready in time for the show. 

I don't want to ruin the experience of going there to see the paintings in person so you will have to do with these two teaser pictures. 

I want to say thanks to everyone who came to the show and apologize for being a social retard who don't know how to mingle. 

I will end this post with some good Black Metal news. It looks like God Seed is back in evil business and working on a new album.