Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Guess who is back.

I just realized yesterday how little blogging I had been doing for a loooong time. I mean, I knew that I hadn't been posting a lot but going back to my blog to find out exactly how few posts there have been the last year was terrifying. Sorry!! I know I keep saying that it will change... So lets not go there today. How about I tell you that our move to Berlin has been amazing. We frigging love it here and every day is a reminder that this was a good idea and what we were supposed to do.
We haven't had any time for real sightseeing since we have a lot of work to do in the house. Everything is in good condition but anyone who has been to our old studio knows that we can't just live with plain white walls and fluorescent light. No sir. So we have a lot to do and we are already regulars at the local Bauhaus for paints and wood and stuff. I promise that there will be pictures soon enough but it is still a big work in progress so be patient a bit longer.
We have already had a few people through the shop and I would like to say thanks to them all for dealing with the mess and delays because of missing equipment still hiding in moving boxes. You have all been amazing and made the transition so much easier.
It seems like all my customers have had no problem figuring out that we are in the second back yard. Only two of Nicks customers felt that they had to ask the tattoo shop that is located on the street (same address) where we were. So please, don't go ask him where we are. We like the guy and we would like him to keep liking us so please be respectful enough to NOT go bug him about where we are. It's not that hard since there isn't that many gates leading to the backyards and there isn't that many big red buildings in any of the mentioned backyards either.
Ok enough mocking... Well... Almost... I gotta mention this too..
I am amazed by the people, who have noticed that we have moved to Berlin and even know the address and all, but who haven't noticed that Eckel hasn't been working with us since may last year. Go visit his blog for his whereabouts and appointments (Spoiler: he has moved to Brighton).
We are still trying to set a permanent date for the official opening of the new empire and we are leaning towards mid April. Keep an eye on the conspiracy inc. blog for dates.
I had a bunch of stuff that I wanted to share and tell but I have to go and do stuff here. I just figured a little bit of update was better than no update. And I even have a few pictures for you. Well they are all from my instagram but again... Better than nothing, right?

I will try to pop back in soon. Promise. Stay tuned and see you soon.

Now... some instagram photos!

The Riesen Bunker!!

We even found a new coffee and vinyl shop... although this isn't our new coffee place. Great breakfast and burgers though.

From Mi ouda... our sunday coffee place.

We have had time to have a lot of visitors in between renovating.

Cutest eskimo. 

Daily coffee place... Double Eye!!

Sunday Coffee.

Double Eye

Bedroom sun.