Thursday, December 29, 2016

Burn it down... Build it up!

So here I am again, facing a new start on my art-lovechild, Conspiracy Inc. 
From January 2017, I will be flying solo for a while. It is time for me to bring back Conspiracy Inc. to the way it was ment to be and how it once was. Before any of you get tooooo psyched up, let me assure you there has been no drama or bad blood or anything like it involved in this decision from anyones side. It is how it goes and this was a necessary progression from everyones side. So no need to worry or make up drama stories... Everyone is cool and happy.

It is hard for me to explain what it is that I want to do with Conspiracy Inc. but what has kept popping into my head while figuring out what I wanted, was the time I had with Eckel and Electric Pick working with me. We were 3 individuals who each worked to get our own work out there and to make our own "business" succesfull but who also was a great inspiration to each other. We each pushed each other in the right way and everyone brought something to the table and treated the shop as if it was their own. I am not looking to find new versions of that, because that won't happen, but what I will do is spend more time, beginning from January, working on having a inspirational shop to work in. Finding more time to make fun events once in a while. Get back on the blog (I know that song is getting old) and share what is happening with me and the shop. I will not be in any hurry to find new artist working here permanently. I will take my time to find someone(s) who fits in and who is willing to deal with the fact that we are hiding away from everyone else, in the second backyard, and who wants to push their own work and art. I want it to be inspirational to work in my shop and I am not just talking about the tattoos being made but the whole attitude toward wanting to create something special. Again, not only talking about the tattoos being made but making Conspiracy Inc. a place unlike any other shop. I have the frame, I have the space. There is room for making things in wood. There is room to make photos and even develop films and print them. There is room and equipment for making screen printing and there is room for painting and creating anything you can think of. I just need someone who is eager to put some of this to use with me. Someone who wants to work in a cozy, relaxed, private style studio that offers the options for many other creative possibilities than just tattooing. It's not a must, but it would be nice to have someone who would be excited about these options. 

 Conspiracy Inc. have always been located a bit out of sight, and now more than ever, since we are hidden away in the second backyard, behind a gate. This makes it hard for artists who rely on some sort of traffic to get new customers, so I want to make sure that anyone who want to come and work with me here, including guest artists, can provide their own customers and are willing to put in the work needed to get that kind of clients. Something to think about. But that is all in the future.

I wanna squeeze in a bit of important info for you all, before signing off. 

I am excited to start this new year and this new beginning with one of my best friends and one of the original Conspirators, Electric Pick. He will be back here in Berlin with me from the 10th of January to the 4th of February. I think he still have a few spots available for some sweet tattoos so get in contact with him to book a spot or two!

I will be spending some more time with my Norwegian tattoo family in the last two weeks of February. I don't have to exact dates yet but you can already now email me to reserve a spot at Let's Buzz. Send a mail with idea, placement, size, budget and what else I would need to know to book you in, to

I will be working at the annual Paris convention, Mondial Du Tatouage, from the 3rd - 5th of March. I will be doing walk-up tattoos as usual from predawn flash. So just drop by and see if there is anything you like.

There is some new merch in the webshop so go check that out as well.
Fancy pins

New shirt.


All this and more is available in the webstore HERE.

I also finally got to do, not just one, but two, sketch books. You can either pick one up at the studio or through Gentleman's tattoo flash who makes it for me. You can buy it HERE.

Speaking of books. As most of you already know by now, my Black metal book is finally a reality and I am getting amazing feedback from all over the world and different circles. I am very excited to hear from people, who doesn't know about black metal, how much they have enjoyed diving into this book of mine. I personally couldn't be more proud. 
I am also excited to see what the people portrait in it feels about it, now that they slowly are finding their way to the artists who were kind enough to let me use their words instead of mine. 
I am specially excited and honoured that "this guy" wanted me to sign every piece in his box... including the box. Kristian "Gaahl" did not only write the foreword but let me photograph him both on and off stage. This has led to an amazing friendship and I am happy to call him my friend. 

 "Who would have thought, when we first met, that you would be signing things for me?"

You can buy the book online through Clandestine Republic HERE
or at the studio, where I can sign it for you. There is also a few available in Bergen, Norway at Let's Buzz tattoo and soon at Nidhogg Tattoo as well.
Ok I think that is enough info for one post, don't you think?
But I guess you still want some tattoo photos, right?
Ok so here you go! 
Happy New Year!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Back in the New York Grooooooove!

Hey there!
It's sad that I need to travel to find the time to post anything here on my blog... and it's sad that I have to blog when I am traveling. Naaah, It's all good. First day back in New York and I am hanging out at Red Rocket, my New York tattoo home for the next few weeks. 
Much have happened since we last talked. Much is still happening. Things that will be unveiled in the near future. Thing is in the works that will change many things concerning me and my shop. More about that in the nearer future.

One of the things that has occupied much of my time the last many months have been my Black Metal book, "Black". It is finally done and printed and is now a reality! IT EXCIST!!! Even though I haven't seen it yet myself, I believe it to fucking amazing. 

Here is a little picture of the amazing cover and the cool box it comes in.

You can check out more about it at Clandestine Republic HERE and buy it HERE
I will have a small amount available at the shop at some point but the only way to by it online is through Clandestine Republic. All questions about buying, shipping etc should be directed to them since I have nothing to do with that myself. There will be a small amount of extra VIP editions available as well so don't sleep on that one. 

There is a couple of other cool new Uncle Allan items for sale at the moment. I finally got talked into making sketchbooks... so I figured, why not make two? Right? So I got some stuff together and gave it to Gentlemans flash who did 2 amazing sketchbooks for me. I can't decide which one I like the best. I'm really happy what he did with both. You can buy "lines & Sketches" HERE and "Stencils & Sketches" HERE.

There is also a few new items for your cool wardrobe. A re-design of a "classic" Uncle Allan shirt. I redid the logo on the front of this Black Metal shirt with my corpse paint on it. The new logo is inspired (stolen from) by Watain and Ondskapt. 
The back is a photo I took of Fantoft Stave church in Bergen, Norway. 

There is also something for your cool battle vest! These two cool patches!! 

All printed by my good friend Marco at Perpetual Lab.

I also did this set of prints of burning churches. 5 Norwegian burning churches that got burned by black metal people back in the days. They only come as a set.

You can get it all HERE on my online store.

I have a few more items hopefully to be added on a few weeks. I can't say too much but it might involve pins, prints and stitched patches.. maybe! 

What else is new? What else do I have to tell you guys? Well, tons of things! Travel and event dates...

Conspiracy Inc. will have a Halloween party on the 5th of November. There will be walk in halloween tattoos by Jakub and myself from 12:00-20:00 and with following partyyyyy. Come get tattooed or just hang out and have a drink and sing your heart out at Karaoke. Half price on your halloween tattoo if you're dressed up. I will post preview of my flash on my instagram soon (Unclea).
Hope to see some of you there!

I will be back in Bergen for some anti-christmas madness at Let's Buzz. I will be there from the 7th-11th of December. Still have a few appointments available so email me if you are interested. 

I will be back at the Paris convention, Mondial Du Tatouage on the 3rd-5th of March. I will be doing walk-ups from pre-drawn designs as usual, so just drop by.

There is some other trips in the planning but for now that is all that is set! 

I am currently booking from now and till april 2017. Email me your idea to to book and let me know when you are looking to book in. 

Ok... I think that is it for now... don't want to spoil you guys with too much fun! I will see if I can post some more while I am on vacation. Maybe even some tattoo pictures! 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

BLACK... Update!!!

The first draft of the book have be reevaluated and the second, and hopefully final, draft will soon be in my hands...or on my laptop...either way we are getting close. 
I wanna say thank you, to everyone who have already pre-ordered the book and have been waiting patiently for it in the mail.
You see... There was simply more awesomeness than what the first original book would have been able to contain. We therefore had no other choice than to expand the book with 20 brand new pages. We still haven't gotten everything all nicely tugged in there but I am confident, that when that 2nd draft reaches me, it will all be fitted in there perfectly.

Clandestine Republic had decided to stop the pre-orders, but partially because we had to expand the book, we still need some money to afford to get all our books from the printer. The pre-orders is therefore opened again for two weeks. If you din't make it the first tie around, I suggest you don't sleep on it this time. The price for the pre-order will still be the same as before BUT, since the book has grown since then, the price, once printed, will go up a bit. So not only do you get a favourable price with the shipping and all, you also save money on the book by jumping on this offer. There is also still the Limited VIP edition available, including all the limited prints and postcards and stuff. Hand signed and everything! 

So please... Help out if you can. Spread the word. Buy the book if you haven't already. Help us get this book out as soon as possible! It is epic!! 

You can go to Clandestine Republic HERE to see the official statement and HERE to buy the Pre-order. There is a few previews of some different spreads in the book! I just can't wait to show you all the whole thing in its entirety.

I will be back soon with more news as soon as I get a moment. It might involve New York trip in october, new merch for the London Convention and in general, Halloween party at the Conspiracy Inc. and much more so come back again soon!

Sunday, July 24, 2016


As always, many things to report and I have had no time or energy to post anything about it. I feel bad! I wanna update you all and keep this here blog alive! But things are finally looking like they are going in the right direction. Light in the end of a long long tunnel that has seemed to be going on for ever. But with our new colleague, Marcio, and future shop help, things are clearing up and more time is in my future. I am hoping to be able to post more about this mysterious new guy on the Conspiracy Inc. blog very soon.

The Black metal book... "Black"... has taken and seems to continue to take a lot of my time. Just when I think it is over, new tasks comes up and steal me away from other projects. 
The pre-sale is still going on. Clandestine Republic still needs to sell a few more preorders in order to pay for the printing of this glorious book. The special prints and postcards that I have gotten made for the book has been printed and is now sitting on my desk, waiting to get signed... one more task for me to do, before shipping them off to Clandestine Republic so they can be added to the VIP edition of the book, Only available  through pre-orders. We are sorry that the release is taking a bit longer than expected, but be assured that one of the reasons for this is that we want to make sure that you get the absolute best black metal book you have ever seen. 
So if you haven't already ordered your copy, please go do so right here!

Here is a little preview of the goodies ready to sign and put into the limited edition VIP version of "Black"

On other important news!
I will be heading back to Bergen, Norway in August. I have been invited to bring my camera along to the "Beyond the Gates" festival and why not make a couple of cool tattoos while hanging out with some cool people at Let's Buzz? So if anyone wants to get something done between the 23rd - 31st of August, please send me a mail with all info needed. Idea, placement, size, Budget, preferred date, etc. Send it to

Hope to see you there.

That is all the time I have for now for blogging! I will try to make an effort to be back in a few days with more news.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Order Yours NOW!!

Things are happening! The Black Metal book that I have been working on, for what seams like forever, is finally more or less a reality. It will be a brick of black metal inspired awesomeness from yours truly. It will be a mix of everything that I do. Tattoos, drawings, paintings, photos, live shots, logos, and so on. A lot never seen or posted anywhere. All compiled in a book made for your long time viewing pleasure. Rumours has it that Gaahl is writing the foreword...

I still need your help! In order to print this monstrosity of an amazing book, we need to make some money. Therefor, please go get your preorder today... or tomorrow... to help us reach the goal. To make it sweeter, there will be a limited edition VIP version for sale. It contains 2 prints made for this book, 3 postcards made for this book, stickers and what not. If it goes well I might even throw in a patch. 
So help me out and go order your copy of the book now HERE.
The book will primarily be sold through Clandestine Republic so don't wait because you rather buy it through me. I might have a couple of books for sale at the shop later but if you want to get your copy soon then go order it through Clandestine Republic. And as mentioned, all the VIP goodies will only be available with the VIP preorder package. So don't sleep on this. The preorder will end in the end of June. 

Here is some more technical data from Clandestine Republic:

Black by Uncle Allan
200 pages 
21x27.5 cm 
full colour
Limited first and only hardcover edition
Including special pre-order international shipping fee
200 pages 
21x27.5 cm 
full colour
+Special edition double sided dustcover/print 
+3 Post cards Hand signed 
+2 Mini prints Hand signed 
+BLACK stickers
Limited first and only hardcover edition

So please! Order your copy now and spread the word if you have the chance. All help is much appreciated! 
I am looking forward to share this book with you all!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

New shit!!

I just added the leftovers of Tshirts and tote bags, from the Brighton convention, to the conspiracy web shop. It's only a limited batch so there's only a few left and it will not be reprinted. So act fast and get yours on

Friday, April 8, 2016

Blacker than the rest.

FINALLY!!! Nick and I are finally at a point where we can start sharing the news about the black metal book that I have been working on for a looooong time now. 
Please visit for more info. 
More news will follow. 

Friday, March 25, 2016

Dirty Easter.

Just finished the last one of the 3 new dirty pieces for the "Dirty Secret Club".

For those of you who still haven't heard about that it's a club, made by and through Clandestine Republic, where we can post and sell our perverted artworks without having to censor them. 
You can buy a lifelong membership once in a while when Nick is ready to take in new ones. When he does it's through under DSC. 
So here is a couple of sneaks and if you wanna see them in full uncensored awesomeness you'll have to go to the club. 

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Tokyo rats

I was hoping to have had more time to sit down and write a nice post about this. Truth is that there has been a bunch of events setting me weeks back in my schedule. Not good!! 
So here we are again. Blogging from my phone. But it's important and has to be done. 
I will be back at Inkrat tattoo in Tokyo Japan from the 1st of April till the 19th of April. To book an appointment, please email Hata at

Back here in Berlin I still have a couple of gaps I want to fill up in the end of April and I am currently booking May and June and July as well. 
There is a couple of Denmark trips in the horizon. 
First one is in May from the 14th of May til the 20th of May. Only a few spots left. I'll be back working with my favorite Dino, THE dino baby. 
The second trip is still not complete settled but it will be in the end of June. More details soon. 
But for now you can book these by emailing me at
Please include idea, placements, size and what else I would need to know to book you in. 
I would also like to remind you that i will be at the Brighton tattoo convention from the 30th of April till the 1st of May. I'll bring some stuff to choose from as usual. No appointments. Just drop by. 

I sure hope that I will have time to blog a bit more soon to keep you all informed. 
I'll do my best. 

Friday, January 8, 2016

Dirty secrets

Here is a little preview of the first painting this year. The whole thing can be seen and bought in the "Dirty Secret Club".
If you like dirty art and you aren't already a member then go get your membership to get acces to a bunch of dirty stuff from electric pick and myself and others soon. Get your membership through 

Thursday, January 7, 2016


I guess the cancellation season isn't quite over just yet. I have had a bunch of new cancelations and some even double dates so that has pretty much cleared up all of next week for me. That means that I need your help to fill some of these gaps.
Right now this is what is available. 

Monday the 11th of January
Tuesday the 12th of January
Thursday the 14th of January 
Friday the 15th of January
Monday the 18th of January 

To book any of the dates just email me at

I will be in Bergen, Norway from the 20th to the 28th of January working at Let's Buzz. There is still a few openings left there so if anyone is up for it let me know.
Same deal... Email idea, size, placement etc. to

And one more time to the ones who have been away on holiday...
I am still booking from now till July. If you are planning to come later in the year just send me a mail anyway and we will have a look at the dates.

Now some pictures to keep you all happy.

One more thing for those who doesn't follow the shop blog. Jakub have started a Conspiracy Inc. Newsletter where you will be informed about events, cancelations, guest artists, new merch etc.
Go to and join the mailing list/newsletter. The form in on the right side of the blog. 

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year Y'all!!

Hope everyone has made it into 2016 as nice as I did. It has been a good start so far. New years eve was enjoyed in the amazing company of my lovely girlfriend, Kinga and my handsome dog, Lucifer. A lot of delicious food and chilling all day. Hanging on the couch and watching movies. Awesome... Just what we needed. And what a nice change to start the year NOT hungover! Spend the whole day snacking more food and delicious leftovers and watching (almost) all 3 of Lord Of The Rings (extended version). Today I did the first tattoo of the year... completely forgot to take a picture though. It was something I don't get asked to do, like, ever... Outline of a world map. Many people think that I only want to do certain things and only if there is an upside down cross in it... not true, people! So I kinda enjoyed starting the year in this humble matter and giving Paul his first tattoo. Thanks Paul!

I want to say thanks to all my amazing friends and customers who made 2015 a good year despite challenges and struggles. You all made it easier to get through it all. I am convinced that 2016 will be easier and better and full of more good times and fun events, just like it used. I hope that we get to have even more good times together and 2016 will be the year where we get Conspiracy Inc. back on track. But more about all this later. Again, Thank you all. I am hoping to see you all in this new year that is ahead of us.

It is hard for me to figure out where to start... so many things to update you all about. I will try to do it short so we can get to the fancy tattoo pictures.

My good friend, Nick aka Electric Pick came up with this idea to make a little special online "club" for all you fellow pervs. "The Dirty Secrets Club". Since all these social medias, that we all love so much, won't allow us to show picture, drawings or paintings with, or of, naked bodies, Nick decided to make a place for him and a couple of his friends (including me), to show and sell all this sexy, erotic, pornographic and exciting art that we make. 
This club has been such a huge success that Nick has been forced to rethink the frames of this club to let more pervs join us. Therefor it is, in this writing moment, not possible to join for new members. Be patient and check back in or keep an eye on my Instagram and twitter to see when we are back in business. A huge thanks to everyone who have joined and a special thanks to those who have bought originals or ordered commissioned pieces. I am looking forward to make more to put in there. 

Here is a few teasers from Instagram.

In November I went back to Bergen to be part of an amazing historic Black Metal event. Some of the photos can already be seen here and on my other blog. More will come soon... Would love to hear what you all think about them... 
This was also a mental deadline for me to finish collecting for the Black metal book that I have been working on for the last many years. Many last pieces fell into place around this event and made it even more clear that now is the time. 
If everything goes as planned, Nick and I will start laying it out when he comes and join us here at Conspiracy Inc. in February. Yes... that mean that he will be here to tattoo as well so keep an eye on his blog and Conspiracy Inc. for updates on bookings. I, for one, is super excited to have him back. 

Gaahls Wyrd at Blekk Metal

2016 wile filled with travels as always. First one is right around the corner and will be back to Bergen and my Norwegian family at Let's Buzz. I will be there to make a few tattoos and gather the absolute last pieces for the book. I will be there from the 19th of January till the 28th of January. Although most spots is filled there is still a few spots open so should you be interested in getting tattooed there then send a mail with the usual info, Idea, spot, size, budget and so on, to

For the first time, I will be at the Paris Tattoo Convention, Mondial Du Tatouage, from the 4-6th of March. I will be doing my usual thing with walk-ins from Premade designs so no need to book, just come by and see if there is anything you like. 

I am always very excited to be back in Tokyo, Japan, with my family at Ink Rat Tattoo. I will available for appointments from the 1-20th of april. For appointments, email me with the usual... idea, spot, size and so on to

I am also excited to be back in this new edition of the Brighton Tattoo convention that this year has been moved to a warmer and hopefully less windy time of year. This time the dates are the 30th of April to the 1st of May. Check the site for more info. Same deal as Paris... Walk-ups only from designs. Come check it out!

Some time in May there might be a smaller spot in Copenhagen back with my good buddy, David, the Infamous Dino Baby. But since we don't have dates set yet, I won't be taking appointments for that just yet. 

For the rest of you who wants to come see me here in Berlin, I am currently booking from 
January till july 2016.
Same thing goes... Send a mail with your Idea, Spot, Size and Budget if you are on one, to
 Should you be traveling to Berlin later on in the year and want to book an appointment then just send a mail anyway and I will see if my plans are clear for that time and we might be able to book you in anyway. I understand that some people need to plan their trips longer than a few months in advance so just send a mail with your plans and we can try to make it work. 
That goes for people, who just happens to be in town, as well. I try not to overbook myself so there might be room to book you in. Just send me a mail. 

One of the things I have missed this last year have been some of the events that Conspiracy Inc. usually make. We will try to change that this year. But more about that later when the plans are more set... But Halloween is back for sure!!! 

There is so many more things that I want to announce but it seams like this post is getting to long to keep you peoples focus... so I will wait. Easy, Easy.... The pictures are coming! 

I will remind you guys about travels and dates and such regularly.
As mentioned earlier, I am booking this month, January, at the moment. There has again been too many obstacles for me to keep up with my bookings and that has again left me with way too many gaps in my calendar. So let me know if you want to get an appointment this month. 
I might make some new flash if the time presents itself. Maybe walk-In days? Let me know.

Ok ok... Picture time.