Friday, October 31, 2008


...We are off to Japan!
Good times ahead with friends, good tattoos, getting tattooed and a lot of pictures. Should be good for the blog...if we get a internetconection to post stuff from....

See you soon...

Friday, October 24, 2008


Just a little leftover from the reference shoot. After all that Black and white we can all use some color! The hat is made by my wife. Check out some more of her hats on her blog.

Also...Denmark is rainy and cold and no fun at all! Denmark sucks. Hurra for wife and Lucifer (the dog) and going to Japan soon!

Reference shoots are fuuuun!!! ...Part Two

This is from the same shoot for reference as the last post...just a small costume change...

Reference shoots are fuuuun!!!

We took these pictures mostly so I could use them for reference when drawing them hot dames. Fun was had...good times. Who doesn't like taking pictures of their hot wife?
I sure do!!!
Some of the pictures from these shoots might end up on someones skin some day.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


We just got back from a few days in France. The reason for our trip was the 2 days convention in Evian and following Nicks birthday but more about that later.
Evian is a nice little town with mostly older people living there and not much to do so it seamed like a strange location for a tattoo convention. I was kinda nice to walk out of a noice buzzing convention and look at pretty mountains and cute houses so it worked!

Here is what came out of my trip this time. Did one more but we need to re-outline it so the pictures of that one will have to wait a bit.

To see more pictures and read tales from our trip to the country of smelly cheeses and baguettes then go to my wifes blog! So is sooo much better at this than me.

Morning cafè

Outside our hotel and few steps from the convention.

I ended up working all the time as always so I never even saw what was going on in the rest of the place but good to meet some people we only see on conventions and to meet some new friends.

More pictures later! I had my 35 mm Holga with me Loaded with B/W film so I am looking forward to see what comes out of that.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Here is Holga on vacation. I took her to the countryside where Amalies parents have their vacation house. It's also close to where I come from.
This is also from the first couple of rolls of 120mm.
I think Holga liked it there.

From Russia With Love

Ahhh...the city!! This is from some of the first rolls of film taken with my lovely Russian piece of plastic, Holga! It's tricky when you don't really know what you get from it but I am starting to get the idea. I love the format and the camera but getting the pictures printed is expencive and hard so It might be a while before I go on a 120mm Frenzy again. Now it is time to try out it's baby brother...the 35 mm Holga. Soon to come!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


After the London Convention we went to Brighton to work at Magnum Opus. We stayed at a nice little brand spanking new guesthouse runned by a great guy called Alfredo.
I didn't get to see that much of Brighton because of my working problem...I do it too much. "My name is Allan and I'm a workaholic"

The plan was to take a bunch of pictures while I was there, specially of the Pier but when we finally got there I was almost drained/too stressed to take any good pictures. I snapped away but not a lot turned out good so here is my tourist shots from Brighton.

Woooow...2 colours and you can be THAT cool!!!

Cover Up

Also a cover up
Science stuff or an alien bong?

Our good friends Matt and Steph came to Brighton to hang out with us
Good peeps!

Vegie Bangers and mash.

Flight of the Albatros

From our Hotel window

Somehow it's like the tattoo looks better with Dan in the picture...strange

We had a nice friday morning before Hunter had to go back to the States and me back to work.

Fish and chips shouldn't be eaten as breakfast...just saying.