Sunday, July 24, 2016


As always, many things to report and I have had no time or energy to post anything about it. I feel bad! I wanna update you all and keep this here blog alive! But things are finally looking like they are going in the right direction. Light in the end of a long long tunnel that has seemed to be going on for ever. But with our new colleague, Marcio, and future shop help, things are clearing up and more time is in my future. I am hoping to be able to post more about this mysterious new guy on the Conspiracy Inc. blog very soon.

The Black metal book... "Black"... has taken and seems to continue to take a lot of my time. Just when I think it is over, new tasks comes up and steal me away from other projects. 
The pre-sale is still going on. Clandestine Republic still needs to sell a few more preorders in order to pay for the printing of this glorious book. The special prints and postcards that I have gotten made for the book has been printed and is now sitting on my desk, waiting to get signed... one more task for me to do, before shipping them off to Clandestine Republic so they can be added to the VIP edition of the book, Only available  through pre-orders. We are sorry that the release is taking a bit longer than expected, but be assured that one of the reasons for this is that we want to make sure that you get the absolute best black metal book you have ever seen. 
So if you haven't already ordered your copy, please go do so right here!

Here is a little preview of the goodies ready to sign and put into the limited edition VIP version of "Black"

On other important news!
I will be heading back to Bergen, Norway in August. I have been invited to bring my camera along to the "Beyond the Gates" festival and why not make a couple of cool tattoos while hanging out with some cool people at Let's Buzz? So if anyone wants to get something done between the 23rd - 31st of August, please send me a mail with all info needed. Idea, placement, size, Budget, preferred date, etc. Send it to

Hope to see you there.

That is all the time I have for now for blogging! I will try to make an effort to be back in a few days with more news.