Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Corpse painted black

I was gonna make a fancy flyer and all but time is running out so now I'm just gonna post some info about the upcoming Black Metal Night.

On August the 18th at 11pm (23.00) we will have an Black Metal artshow at the shop... you know, the Conspiracy Inc. 
That's right. We will turn our studio into an art gallery for one evil night. I feel that there is a lot of people who couldn't make it to the show in germany So I have decided to put my "faces of black metal" up at the shop. On top of the "faces" paintings I will have  my photos from the dark and grim forests of Norway and Fantoft stavchurch. There will also be a few new pieces and painting to mix it up a bit so there should be plenty to look at. 
Most of the paintings and photos will be for sale so if you are interested in buying an original piece drop by and see if there is anything you like... well, drop by anyway and have a beer or a glass of red wine.
There will also be some new merch for sale, made specially for the occasion. 
So please join us for this unholy night at 

Conspiracy Inc.
Schleppegrellsgade 7
2200 Copenhagen N


Saturday the 18th at 11pm.
 (we will keep it open as long as there is people... or we pass out)

Since I was late with the flyer, please help me spread the word any way you can. 

I hope to see many of you there!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Things to do and people to see

I still have a bunch of stuff I wanna put up in this here blog but as always time is not on my side. But I feel that I need to get you up to speed on these two things: First of is our crazy month of guest artists-a-ton. So if you are tired of my snootiness and fancy artsy ness then you should look into these fine people.

All info about contact is right there on the flyer or go to the Conspiracy Inc. blog HERE.

Second thing...
On saturday the 18th of August at 11:00 pm (kl 23:00) we will have a Black Metal Art show at the shop. All the paintings from the faces of black metal show will be there along with my photos form Norway PLUS some new paintings and other artifacts.
There will be a new Black Metal shirt for sale and perhaps other special merchandise made for this night so there is plenty of reasons to stay up late and drop by for a late night of Black metal at the Conspiracy Inc. 
So come by and have a beer or a glass of reeeed wine with us on the 18th of August.