Saturday, July 26, 2014

Thank You

In these times where everybody is or can become a custom tattooer, it can be easy to forget how lucky and privileged we are. We have become used to getting to do what we want and sometimes so much that "what we want" isn't even good enough. Going through my files, to find photos for this blogpost, I thought a lot about how lucky I am.  How amazing my job is. What a privilege it is to have customers who trust me enough to let me do what I do. I have fun tattoos to do all the time and it is not because I feel too good to do a kanji or a tribal, I'm just lucky enough to have customers who want me to do what I do. But most of all I feel lucky to get to tattoo at all. 
With all the things that has been going on the last many months it is also easy to "forget" all the nice people who have been through the shop to get tattooed, but looking through the photos they are all coming back. Not that any of you have been forgotten, just stowed away for a short period.
So thank you, everybody who has been kind enough to let me do my thing and let me tattoo you. Thanks for all the good talks and fun times! Thanks for keeping me busy!

This post is also a thank you to all the customers who come back either to show me their healed tattoo or to get more done. It can be hard to get a picture of the healed tattoo when most of my customers are traveling to get them done. But luckily I also have people who comes back again and again. Thank you! So here is some photos of some healed tattoos.

Did you notice that the blog is still alive?
Well drop by next week and see if it still is!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Going Back To Tokyo!

Saturday is here again and as promised: A blog post with dates for Japan. I finally found the time to sit down and go through travel sites and cross reference it with calendars. So it looks like I will be in Tokyo from the 16th of october till the 20th of november. As always I will be working with my family in InkRat in Koenji, Tokyo. There is no words that can describe how much I miss those guys and Tokyo so I am really excited to be able to go back. It has been two years since the last time I was there so I feel it more than about time to go back to my favorite place on earth and what I like to call my second home. 

So if anyone should be interested in getting tattooed by me while I am there then please contact Hata at InkRat to book an appointment. I will be open for appointments from the 18th of october till the 19th of november.
Email Hata at for bookings or me at for ideas and questions.

As I also mentioned last week, the waiting list is dead and gone for good. So now all you have to do is email a couple of months in advance to get tattooed. For Berlin Booking email or 

I'll say it again next week to make sure everybody gets it.

Till next time!!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Thing with horns

Here is a post with things that has horns. Not bad, right? Not just roses... Crazy town! Also... second week of posting! Wuuuhoooo!

Since it has been a while I feel I need to say this again. The waiting list is FINALLY dead! DONE!! GONE!! NO MORE!!! 
From now on I will only book max two months in advance. So no more signing up for appointments two years ahead of time. This means that in this moment I am booking August and September. So for booking please email either Amalie at or me at . 

For the slow kids I will repeat this next week when I post again... yes it will happen. Next week I will also have actual dates for Japan in October/november.

So see you soon!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Is there anybody...OUT THERE??

Here we go again. I'm not gonna jinx myself by promising that this time will be different and that I will be blogging a lot from now on. I'm Just gonna see what happens and do my best.

There is as always lots to tell and share but I'm gonna take it slow and start with this little picture post. Stuff with roses!! What a surprise, right?
Good thing I love doing roses. More stuff with roses soon.