Saturday, July 19, 2014

Going Back To Tokyo!

Saturday is here again and as promised: A blog post with dates for Japan. I finally found the time to sit down and go through travel sites and cross reference it with calendars. So it looks like I will be in Tokyo from the 16th of october till the 20th of november. As always I will be working with my family in InkRat in Koenji, Tokyo. There is no words that can describe how much I miss those guys and Tokyo so I am really excited to be able to go back. It has been two years since the last time I was there so I feel it more than about time to go back to my favorite place on earth and what I like to call my second home. 

So if anyone should be interested in getting tattooed by me while I am there then please contact Hata at InkRat to book an appointment. I will be open for appointments from the 18th of october till the 19th of november.
Email Hata at for bookings or me at for ideas and questions.

As I also mentioned last week, the waiting list is dead and gone for good. So now all you have to do is email a couple of months in advance to get tattooed. For Berlin Booking email or 

I'll say it again next week to make sure everybody gets it.

Till next time!!

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