Monday, April 26, 2010

Kaffe, Coffee, Mocca, Java, kohi

Back home in Copenhagen we either make our own great coffee at the shop where we got the coffee monster that Wookie has been kind enough to let us have or if we are home we go to Sort Kaffe & Vinyl ...mmmm best!! So this post is dedicated to our lifesavers at SK&V... This is the coffee we drink here in Japan. or cold from vendingmachine!
This is our favorite one out of many kinds!

Hourly fix from Seveneleven.

Following is the instruction on how to make drip coffee in the comfort of your own home.

More coffee later.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sailor J Kitty

Today we went to Shinjuku to hang out and relax. our first plan was to go to a temple but since it was sunday and the weather was sooooo nice we figured that it would be too crowded. So we went to another crowded place instead.
I did get to take a bunch of pictures for the "Japanese People" thing I got going. I havn't even wanted to put the pictures from the last many trips on the computer yet because I kinda wanna wait till I am all done. Still more days to take pictures of random Japanese folks.

Here is a few more tattoos done on this trip. I actually did them like a week ago or something but just havn't gotten around to post them.

I actually started this first one last spring when we were here. Due to money and Navy duty we didn't get to finish it then as planed. But now it is done and done!

We have been doing soooo many things and there is sooooo much to tell and even more to show but other thing needs to be done. I promise there will be posts about it all sooner or later. Tomorrow is my last day off before two days of work and then my last session on this trip with Shige. Ugh!!!

OK Mata Neeeee

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Foxy Lady (someone had to say it)

Yesterday we went to Yokohama and Shige again but this time I was off the hook! This time it wasn't me who had to be nervous about getting tattooed. Yesterday was the day that my brave wife got her thigh (and then some) tattooed by Shige. You should go see her new fox and some more of my pictures on her blog.

While she was getting tattooed I got a chance to sneak out for a moment and enjoy the weather for a bit. I wanted to take some more pictures for my (in progress) series of Japanese people but old people in Ichikawacho is angry looking. Every time I as much as thought in my head that I would sneak a picture I looked at them and they would look angry back at me. So not a lot of picture here. I did take a few on the street anyway.
Soon after I went back to make sure that the wife was alive and well and that was the end of the nice weather.
Today it is raining like hell!! Tomorrow will be the same! Good thing is that I have finished a bunch of drawings for my upcoming project. More about that later.

Not exactly a political correct sign. On a bar called Party Animals.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shinjuku on a rainy day

The other day we went on a no mission day to Shinjuku. The weather was really sucky but a day off no less so shopping had to be done. Well, mostly looking at stuff. I was armed with the Canon AV-1 but I had no idea what film I had in it. The weather didn't really inspire to shoot anything. It was just blah...not bright and not dark enough to go heavy...just blah. Well pictures was still taken.
We met up with Crystal for a quick coffee and then later on we went to the birth town of Astro Boy, Takadanobaba, to meet up with Izumi who works at one of our favorite tattoo magazines, Tattoo Burst. Just because the Magazine is great doesn't mean that they have a fancy office or anything. The "office" is more like a small corner between boxes, on a floor shared with other magazines. Since tattoos are in the adult category, it was mostly porn. Everywhere was old computers, boxes random piles of porn and more old computers.
When Izumi finished work we went out to dinner in Shinjuku. This is where I ran out of film but go look at Amalies blog for more pictures from that day.

Our stairs.

In good company with RxKxBx on the Burst wall of fame...or stickers.

Today looks like it will be a nice and sunny day. Some temples will be visited and hopefully a lot of pictures will be taken.

Later sucka fools!

Ketty Juhl

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

They came from a land down under

It is time for me to try to catch up with the blogging. It's not that I don't have anything to blog about. Actually the post material keep piling up but it is more the time to do so...well I have the time but there is just so many other things to do...and also we have one computer for two bloggers. But here is the first tattoo post from this trip to Japan.

The first picture was Mel who got her.... well, jaw, tattooed. We figured out that, Japan was the only place she could get me to do it since it's against the law to do hands and above neck in Denmark and I don't do it on conventions either...sooooo, Japan it was.

Brendan came from down under to get tattooed...TWICE!! Not only that but he had recently bought one of the original animals from the print set AND he is already booked in for a sleeve in Denmark next year! Brendan you rock! See you sooner maybe!
The first day he got a little reminder of home. A koala popping out of the old globe where the heart marks the spot...home.

Second time was this pirate parrot who has the key to the monkey island treasure around it's neck...sitting on a monkey skull....arggg.. It's actually a really cool story but I don't have time to tell you all about it. Sorry!

Home is where the heart is.

...And with this piece he got him self a place in the hall of fame of troopers.

Rudin got tattooed by me here in Japan a few years ago. This guy is also from Australia. He just happened to be here again at the same time as me so why not get a new piece! Awesome

Today a bit more tattooing and consultations and hanging out with our friend Toshi.
Tomorrow maybe more posts about our many adventures so far and MAYBE news about an old project that I have finally started.
Mata neeeeeee

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Two days of ARRRRHHHH!!!!

...( Amalie came up with the headline)

So as you can see I did survive my two days of torture with Shige. 13 hours of tattooing in two days is no fun.
But here is the result so far.

See more pictures from those days on Amalie's blog.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My life in Japan

Dear Blog readers.
If this will be the last you hear from me it is because I am on my way for my second appointment in a row with Shige. My back hurt from what we did yesterday and now I am about to go back and do some more right on the same spot!! Urg!!!
Well other than that it is sooooo awesome and much needed to be back in Japan and Tokyo again.
Well, then you might think; where is the photos then?
Well... I might have been here for some days now but I have been tattooing for 3 of them and getting tattooed (soon) 2 of them. Next 2 days will also be tattooing days but after that there should be time for some vacation and some blogging for sure. Good tattoos, good stories and hopefully the first wave of photos from Japan. Until then just check in on the wifes blog for updates and good stuff.

Hopefully I will be back soon!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'll see you there.

This will be the last post from Denmark for a while. Next post will be from our second home, Japan. We are getting a new apartment this time so we don't know how the internet situation will be but we will have internet at Inkrat so we will be able to post at least once in a while.

Here is the last two days of work.

A new trooper is added to the hall of fame. Michael took his first tattoo as a trooper and earned the title! Good job.

This little skull got some final touches.