Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shinjuku on a rainy day

The other day we went on a no mission day to Shinjuku. The weather was really sucky but a day off no less so shopping had to be done. Well, mostly looking at stuff. I was armed with the Canon AV-1 but I had no idea what film I had in it. The weather didn't really inspire to shoot anything. It was just blah...not bright and not dark enough to go heavy...just blah. Well pictures was still taken.
We met up with Crystal for a quick coffee and then later on we went to the birth town of Astro Boy, Takadanobaba, to meet up with Izumi who works at one of our favorite tattoo magazines, Tattoo Burst. Just because the Magazine is great doesn't mean that they have a fancy office or anything. The "office" is more like a small corner between boxes, on a floor shared with other magazines. Since tattoos are in the adult category, it was mostly porn. Everywhere was old computers, boxes random piles of porn and more old computers.
When Izumi finished work we went out to dinner in Shinjuku. This is where I ran out of film but go look at Amalies blog for more pictures from that day.

Our stairs.

In good company with RxKxBx on the Burst wall of fame...or stickers.

Today looks like it will be a nice and sunny day. Some temples will be visited and hopefully a lot of pictures will be taken.

Later sucka fools!

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Flora Amalie said...

Åh, jeg håber mine bliver ligeså pæne!