Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It was nice to hear from you.

Thanks for all the feedback on my last post. I am happy that so many of you took the time to write me a comment on what you liked about this blog o' mine. Please don't stop dropping by with feedback or to say hi or what ever. It is always nice to hear from you and to see that there is someone on the other side of the blog. I was happy to hear that a lot of you didn't just come here for the tattoos because I wanted to make this blog a place for all my doings. If I just wanted to post tattoos I would have stuck with updating my myspace. So to you who only come for the tattoos: Sorry, there will be a lot of other things coming this way. I always hope to put more photographs up here and soooon there will be a lot from this trip as soon as I have time to edit them. For those of you who come here for different stuff: I will try to post more frequently with different things to look at.

There will still be lots and lots of tattoos to look at since that is what I do most of the time and here is two pictures right now!!

From the Osaka event.

The last part of the Australian invasion.

Today is pretty much the last day for me to go shopping and looking around in Tokyo. Tomorrow will be spend in pain again at Shiges and friday will be spend hanging out with Shige and his family and then it is our last day before going home on Sunday.
I will therefore leave you with another thank you for getting back to me and see you soon.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

This is not an exit

On our way out of Tokyo to go to Osaka for a one day (well one night actually) Tattoo event I leave you with a few last pictures from the black and white roll of film from my Canon AV-1.

I have been thinking lately about why you peeps keep coming to this blog. Not that I think it sucks...I hope not, but if you come here for the tattoo post and the rest is just waste of your precious blog time or if it is a mix of it all. How about some feedback on that. I will most likely just keep doing what I do here anyway but it would be cool to hear what you people like to see here.

On these typed words...see you after the weekend when we are back home in Tokyo.



Singapore customers.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


For some reason I always end up doing things differently while I am here in Japan. Not that that is a bad thing. Just funny I think. Rei always goes; Every time Japan, you change style. So many details.

This time has been a good mix of more detailed than I usually do and some more simple than I usually do.

These tattoos are from the last two days. The two big ones both came alllll the way from Australia to get tattooed and mr Pyramid came from Nagoya. Awesome guys!

Today is a day of and tomorrow we will have to go to Osaka for a one day Tattoo Event...not really stoked about that but we do it for the Rats.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This was my view for most of the time this weekend. I had two sessions on my back with Shige...two days in a row.
First day was 6 hours of lining pattern in the kimono and a bit of colouring of some fabric and the next day was almost 6 hours of colouring the pattern that we had lined the day before. It is not fun to get colouring done with a small liner for 6 hours...aurgh!!
If you wanna see my naked ass then go to Amalies blog. If you wanna see what Shige is doing on me you can also go to Amalies blog.

Now I have to go do some more of these tattoo things! I got some cool ones from yesterday and hopefully I will get a good picture of what I am doing today so More tattoos soon to come!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lamp desu!

Apparently they also love lamp in Japan!!

DANGER! Kishi is near!!

Kishi and Jon with his Painting from Kishi.

The other night we went to see Kishi in his studio in Shibuya. It is one of those studios that you have to know where is to find it and even then I think it can be tricky. But lucky for us we had our little Hata with us so we could find Kishis secret cave. What a magic little cave it was. Tons of small nick nacks and skulls and figures and stuff and stuff...everywhere.
After a small machine testing/talk we all got a bunch of presents in form of posters, stickers and a Kishi keychain (an actuall small figure of him self).
He canceled his last appointment so that we could all go out to eat. He took us to a really nice restaurant with lots of delicious food.
After dinner Kishi thought that it would be in order to have juuuust one more beer before we went home so of we went to a small bar that he knew. Cool place with a bunch of old records behind the counter that led to talks about good old music.
It was another great night in Tokyo with great people!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Back to the front

Here is some of the pictures I took with the analogue Canon the other night at the Bike shop (the "News from the front" post).

Now...two days of pain at Shiges. Two days on Nyquil and Tom Waits.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Up in flames

This is what went down yesterday. Well I started by doing two feathers on his wifes feet. Nice and cute. But this was the real challenge. I had to cover up one of these classic flame armbands. I normally don't like doing coverups but this one went nice and smooth. He wanted to have it super simple style and all done in one go so Out came the big liner and simple he got. Normally I think I would have done this in two settings and added a bunch of details specially in the skull and the background but it was fun to do it simple and big.

Now it is time for a day off. See you later.

Monday, November 9, 2009

News from the front

We have not been wasting any time here in Japan! No sir. uhh uhh not us.
First day we had a bunch of consultations gotten out of the way. We got to do a lot of our usual Koenji things the first day so that was awesome. Jumped right in to it!!
Second day I had two tattoos to do. A kitty and a grim reaper...that's right, from cute to eviiil. Mr Grim reaper had gotten a chest piece from me last time. You might remember the owl viking chest piece.

After a good day of work there was absolute no reason to rest and take care of our jegrag. Nope! Not us. So we (Amalie, Jon, Brian, Hata and me) went to meet up with this crazy tattooer (almost a god to some people here) Kishi. We thought that we were meeting him for a nice dinner and at 22 o'clock most of us were pretty hungry but Kishi had different plans for us. We went to a small club and one of the first things that I saw was a Japanese punk with a nazi armband...hmmm...
Well turned out that one of Kishis friends bands were playing so of cause we had to see that. Despite the hunger it turned out to be a really funny show. The band/guy was called Little Elvis and as you can see on attached picture was a Japanese incarnation of Elvis...well almost... They palyed their own songs and gave a really fun show with crazy guitar solos on top of the floor bass and everything. Good times. After the show on our way out we met Elvis in person who gave us a cd and everthing...after all we were there with Kishi.

Little Evis captured with my Iphone.

Next was finally dinner. Went to a small Chinese restaurant were we got us some good food.
We just made the last train home around 1 o'clock and that was pretty mush all the fun we could take in for our first real day back in Japan!

Yesterday, our 2 full day here, I had 3 tattoos to do. After they were done Hata went to get a rental car so he could take us all (same crowd plus one more of our Japanese friends) to this custom bike shop out side Tokyo. Nobody really knew why we were going there since not one of us is driving motor cycles, well Brian does. I guess we were going there to meet some friends of the inkrats and that is good enough for me. The place were filled with all sorts of bikes and bike parts (obviously) and small nick nacks and toys and stuff. I took some black and white pictures there so hopefully there will be a bit to see later.

Jon the custom Bike bear

After that we went out to another late (and much needed) dinner where I got some of my favorites...Ramen, Gyoza and Kare Age (fried chicken). mmmmmmmm!!
The night could have ended here since it was already midnight but why should we? Why not go bowling? So we did! It was the second time in my life that I bowled so I was all about it. Amalie suffered from carsickness so I had to play for her aswell...my arm feels that today...double bowling after a long day of tattooing...awesome. So we played two games...again, we could have stopped here...but no! Because the bowling alley was in this magical building with all sorts of fun things in it so we went to the arcade level were you pay for one hour and then everything is free. Everything from race games to shooting games, our beloved drum game, golf simulators, mechanical bull and so on. Normally there is rolling disco and tiny race bikes but I guess that we were too late for that after all. Well here is where the night ended. After all at almost 4 o'clock the fun had to stop and we drove back to Koenji where we crashed as soon as our heads got a chance to hit a pillow.

A sailor rabbit.

Pig in Spaaaace

Today...day off. Going to the Canon office to try to get our cameras fixed. Amalie dropped hers and my G9 just decided not to wake up one morning! Sadness...
So we are off to new adventures!! Later

Friday, November 6, 2009

Koenji desu!

We are back at our second home...Koenji, Tokyo, Japan!! Soooo good to be back. After a nice flight were I had the pleasure of watching the latest action crap that I wouldn't( get to see anywhere else than in a plane...this time GI Joe) we got safely to Ink Rat where I got thrown right into a few customer consultations. Well we have had our coffee from our local cafe, browsed at our seven eleven and now we are unpacking at our flat that this time has it's own internet and everything!!! In a sec we will go back to Ink Rat where we will hook up with our little Cali buddy Jon and Brian for some Freshness burger action...later dinner...

See you soon with some pictures to go with the tales from Japan!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Leaaaaving on a jet plane....

...but my bags are not packed...yet...so this will be a quick post.

Here is what I have spend the last couple of days on.

First up we have a new Super trooper!! That's right folks!! This guy proved that you don't have to come from the other side of the world to toughen up and sit for a looooong time! This here viking sat like the super trooper he is for 8 and a half hours! Good job!!

Today I had a crazy busy day. Went to the bank to order yen. Went to a different bank to pay the deposit for the new shop. Went to the post office to send the lease for the new shop. Then it was time to go to work! This British fellow tat zapper got his bat on.

I was supposed to have my new dirty antler girls prints today but they didn't turn out perfect so I will have to start all over with taking pictures of the painting and look at different paper and shit when we get back from Japan. I do promise that I will keep working on getting the boards to the shop asap and as soon as we are back I will look into shipping the Satanic Antler lady out to the rest of the world. That also goes for the Uncle A/Chriss Dettmer prints.

But now I gotta pack!! See you from Japan!

Monday, November 2, 2009

All that Jazzzzz

Today was second session on this here Jazz age chick. Today we added something for her to listen to. We thought that this here lady were all about the Jazz but it turns out that she is waaaay ahead of her time and totally digs Bruce Springsteen. That's what she is listening to right here on this here arm. Who would have thought? Due to travels and stuff we won't be able to work on this until sometime in January. Sigh!!

...Did I mention that we are going to Japan on Friday?? AWESOMEEEEEEE!!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Just a quick one before bedtime...

I have been meaning to do this post all weekend but other things got in the way...like a couch...food...coffee...important stuff! Well here is what I started Friday. I know it has been a while since I posted any in progress picture but here is one. It will be dark. Ohhh yes!! Mostly black and a bit of red...still debating about a putting a bit of green in there as well or just keep it ohh so simple! Any thoughts?

Here is a little thing I spat out tonight. It's kinda a test of some new style of antler girls. I wanna try something more rough sketchy style and also switch the victorian look with a more everyday (but still sexy) kinda thing. We will see where this will end soon enough. Here is a tease to begin with.

Now it is time for bed!