Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Antlerlady goes into fashion!

I have been working in this one for a while but now I think it is time to actually get them printed...soon!! This is the design for the next tshirt i am going to make! If everything goes as planed that is!! Well fingers crossed! Hope you like her!

"Cherio mate! Spot on, Guv'na! Cheers for the tea. Pip pip ta ra"

So... some might notice the lack of numbers in the headline today! That's right! We came up with a title for this one! By we, I mean my British customers and I! To proof the authenticity of their Britishness I bring photos!!

See!! Anyway! Besides being British my customer Marcos proved to be a trooper! Day one he did 6 hours and 40 minutes on the lower arm. A dead gentleman (since he is from England) and the all seeing street lamp! Awesome!
Day two we started a bigger project. A frontal!! Auch! He had a hard time after almost 7 hours the day before but when he got into it it seemed to go pretty well. He did survive!! He lasted all the lines for 5 hours including the much needed breaks here and there! Good job Governor!
...turns out that not only is he British...he is also a gangster like my self!
So after two days of midnight tattooing I hope they will enjoy their last day in Copenhagen at the Zoo and not in the studio!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Number Eight!!!

Easy day today! I only had to do a Zombie samurai horse on a foot! Awesome!! So I finished early today and with what I got done yesterday (where my customer forgot to show up) I am almost done with the second tshirt design!! If everything goes as planed then I will finish he third tomorrow and that means new shirts soon...since the plan was to print them as soon as I got three done!! Anywho!! Here is da dead Horsie!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nuuuuumber Seven!


Yesterday was another day of lines...loooong endless lines...or that's how it must have felt for poor Miss Becca who had to suffer from my needles for 4 hours on the ribs! Good job! All lines are done and that is the start on the first Antler Lady tattoo. Mmmmm...antler Ladies!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Number 6.

All day I did lines!!! Normally I don't like to do that many lines and usually I mostly do traditional stuff that is made of one pass lines but this little lady demanded more lines and the kind that needed to be build!! But since I have been thinking a lot about stupid crap ass wannabe tattooers and scratcher lately then it kinda inspired me to do that many build lines. When I look at those stupid, no talented idiots and their crooked lines it makes me wanna work even more on making my lines better just to separate myself from them even more!! Anyway! This is the result of a day of lines. A gypsy Laaaaady with a squirrel on her shoulder (don't ask...i don't know).

On other news today:

We are dog-sitting for our friends who are going to Germany for a week. Lucifer is happy because it is one of his bestest friends Palma! So for a week we will have 2 dogs! Exciting news, Huh???

King Of The Castle, Prince Of (bloody) darkness,
Son Of The Morning, Baby Mus:

The Best buddy, Kinda Girlfriend, Neighbor,
The One And Only:

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Number 5...nope..still nothing!


I actually managed to do finish a painting today!! I havn't had time or energy to do anything lately but today I did!! First I drew my wife's next tattoo. We were supposed to do it today but it took a while to agree on the look and to draw it so it would have been late before we would have finished...maybe next weekend. BUT the drawing is done so from here on it should be smooth sailing.

Since we didn't tattoo it I had time to do some other things that I haven't had time to do. I got to work on my good ol friend, Antler Lady III. She has been waiting for me to finish her for quite some time now so it was about time that we got her done. Since I always manage to put my arms in the wet ink a was extra careful to take some small drying breaks here and there. That time was well spend here in front of my computer, answering some of all those emails that always piles up doing the week...still some left, I'm affright! I also found some time to add a few links here to this blog. More to come but i added some photographers that I really like and who's work inspire me a lot.
But back to the main event of the day... Mrs . Antler III.
She is the 3rd of a series of 3...hence the last name..hmrr! There were supposed to be more but i am affright that the last ones will just be fillers so for now this is it! They are finally done...here they are: May I Present to you The Antler Ladies:

Mrs. Antler The 1st.

Mrs. Antler II.

The latest addition to the family:
Mrs Antler III.

It feels good to know that you have finished this last gal! She has been on my drawing table, staring at me every time I walked by! No more!

Good Night!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Number 4...I really need to come up with better headlines!

Yesterday turned out to be a good day for the blog...meaning a lot to post. I like having a place like this where I can post work that I wouldn't put in my portfolio because it doesn't represent my style. But just because it's something that I normally would do differently doesn't mean that I'm not happy with it. So here is a few pieces that won't make it to my portfolio or my myspace (which is more or less my online portfolio) but that I had a lot of fun with just because it is something different that what i normally do.

Started the day with Thomas Aka Spy Thomas. We are doing a ...hmmm...Tarot card, Illuminati, occult, mystic symbol lower arm on him. This is the start and later we will fill it with more scrumptious mysticism. It has the look of my work but still a lot different from my normal tattoos so here it is...on the brand new Bloooog!! Thanks to this fabulous place, this piece will be shown and not just end up in a dusty storage room...I mean, my computer (going a little Indiana Jones crazy here).
..I just realized that I have compromised the secret identity of Spy Thomas with this post...ohh well!!
Up next was Morten...no alias for this dude...
I did the panther a while back but like Thomas' piece it was just one of those pieces that really
didn't fit in with what I do. I just really like the Old school-ness of it and I normally don't make my tattoos THAT old school. We talked about it doing the session, how funny it is that people travel far to get my style and that's all i do but then he comes to get something completly different. He just want something ├╝ber traditional but i guess still with my touch on it. Anyway, it is fun for me to be able to do something traditional like this and not having to force my look onto the piece.

So this time he wanted a traditional peacock so i decided to look to one of the masters for inspiration...more like stealing this time. Ok ok I bluntly stole one of Sailor Jerry's peacocks from one of the flash books that I have. I did change it a bit...a bit...and I did ad a rose and stuff!! Well here it is! Again, without this blog I would never have posted it anywhere!
So that was what I did at work yesterday! How was your day, hon?

Later we had a shop trip to The Rock to see Hatesphere.

Now i try to get something out of my weekend. Hopefully that will result in a blog with paintings and photos and stuff later! Have nice weekend!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Number 3

Here is todays doing: 4 Hours of outline on the ribs!! Auuuuuiie!! Although he scared me yesterday by telling me that he usually only lasts about 3 hours, he lasted all this outline without moving! Good job! Tomorrow I will be doing his friends lower arm so let's see how long he will last!
I still don't know what to call my posts...or what to write here so this will have to do for now!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Number Two

This saturday I went to try some stuff out with my camera, while my homeboys in Last Mile were making sound check. I had fun but it was hard and I didn't quite got what i planed but instead I chose to embrace the blur and go with that. Just for the fun of it!

Number one

Here I am! Yes, Flora and Nick, I was jealous of your blogs and now i wanted one too! Yes you told me so!! Well here it is! Not gonna be filled with words but more pictures. So here we go!

Here is my family:

My pretty wife, the fabulous Flora aka Princess Inferno.