Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Stefan had his last tiny session on his lady with big big horns. If you haven't guest it yet then I really like antlers and horns and I like to put them on girls! No no it's true...I do!!
Well here is a temporary picture till I get a healed one.

Earlier there was a post about a cancellation but the spot got taken so fast that I had to take it down again. Thanks to everyone who wrote and thanks for being a appointment bookie, Stefan.

There is still a few days left to spend some hard earned money on an original painting.

Tomorrow we will ship out a few.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Max took some time of from drinking vodka, playing the balalaika, dancing and being a good communist while singing sad folklores about mother Russia, to come get a god old satanic horned lady tattooed. Well maybe he wasn't that much of a cliche but he did come from Russia! Lasted way more than it takes to become a trooper and could have made it to super trooper had it needed to be. Good job comrade Max!

Second original is gonna leave it's home to go to a warmer place. Australia! I feel that I will get to know the new owner pretty soon as he has two appointments in Japan and has, on top of that, appointments in Denmark as well later on for a sleeve. Awesomeness!

Still more originals left to buy, although Amalie isn't happy to let them go any more after seeing them again. So buy them before my wife does!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Zoo For Sale

As promised here is a post with the painting for sale and the measurements. But first...a few tattoos.

This first little 2 headed eagle was simply glowing too much when we first finished it so I was happy to be able to get a healed shot of it today. Still a bit touch up to come but good enough for now.

Second guest was James who came back to get on with his backpiece after a looooong time. "Backpiece you say, Allan. But that is a leg?" Yes but we decided to move on a bit and start on one of the legs that goes with said backpiece. It was a bit tricky since I had two find the 2 year old drawings to match waves and flowers but it will work! Good job on that James.

And now for the paintings!

These are the original paintings that I will be selling until next Wednesday. After that I might just keep them and also we will be leaving for Japan so in order to ship them out before the last day will be Wednesday the 31st of march.
I am happy to say that one of them is already sold. The rooster is going to the Uk in a days time. Thanks!!!
This part of the post will be updated as they go so you will know what is left.

So here they are.

50 x 39 cm / 19,6 x 15,3 inch
4500 dkr / 600 € / 800$

31 x 41 cm / 12,2 x 16,1 inch
4500dkr / 600€ / 800$

52 x 36,5 cm / 20,4 x 14,3 inch
4500dkr / 600€ / 800$

43 x 30,5 cm / 16,9 x 12 inch
4500dkr / 600€ / 800$

Unicorn Pegasus.
43 x 30,5 cm / 16,9 x 12 inch
4500dkr / 600€ / 800$

41 x 31 cm / 16,1 x 12,2 inch

As a little extra treat I'm gonna throw in a print of the painting that you buy.
To buy one (or two) write me an email on onkelallan@gmail.com
Payment will be through paypal.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Little Critters Of Nature...

I know that you might think; "well, since that Allan guy never really blogs anymore there must be shitloads of tattoo pictures coming up...He keeps talking about how much he works all the time so he has to produce something".
Well yes, that is true. I am producing a lot. A lot has been in progress, a lot has been super old stuff that is getting finished but doesn't turn out good on pictures, and some have been new stuff that has been impossible to take good in progress pictures of so I actually for once havn't had that much to prove for it. But here is two things just to show that I still tattoo.

In other news:
-We will go to Japan soon so hopefully there will be a bunch of pictures and new tattoos to show and maybe a nude shot or two of me since I have 3 appointments on my backpiece. We will see.

-Our good friend Chriss Dettmer was just here for an extended weekend. Always great to see him and get to work with him and even got tattooed by him...well if you wanna see what happens when you get 3 brainiacs together then go to the shop blog!


I have decided that I am ready to let go of a few original paintings. I usually never want to sell any but It is time for me to let go a bit. I am talking about the originals for the animal prints and the hourglass print. I will make a post about it soon with the exact measurements and new pictures but with the time I have had lately, here is just pictures of said prints. The prices will be around 4500 dkr pr original (about 600 €, about 800$) plus shipping. I will have them for sale until we go to Japan next Friday but in order to ship them out before we leave the last order will have to be made around Wednesday. If you already know that you are interested then send a mail to onkelallan@gmail.com
I will try to get real pictures asap.

See ya'll soon!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Java Devil...you are now my bitch!

Brian got a little tribute to the elixir of life known to most people as coffee. I am enjoying the some from our favourite place, Sort Kaffe & Vinyl, right now!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


One more time for the cheap rows... Sune came all the way from the other side of the country to get his final touchup session... only to find out that there was nothing to touch up. Well.. At least I could get some healed up pictures of this tribute to his parents. Maybe Papa Sune will end up on the arm of his own offspring some day.
Thanks Sune for letting me do this tattoo and coming all the way over for the photos and Good luck. Till next time!

Thomas got his second session on his "3 Chords and the truth" piece. We added Mr. cash, Tim and Billie Joe Armstrong. Three Chords and the truth was Harlan Howards definition of a good country song but since that fits well with punk rock as well we added these two gents. More of this later this month.

We are slowly getting closer and closer to a finished shop. Maybe in a week it will almost be a complete shop with a real floor and a front room. Until then I still tattoo and try to decorate every day...therefore not so many posts. I promise to take some shop shots soooon... I just neeeeed a little more time to....

Later Yo! Peace out!