Saturday, March 27, 2010


Max took some time of from drinking vodka, playing the balalaika, dancing and being a good communist while singing sad folklores about mother Russia, to come get a god old satanic horned lady tattooed. Well maybe he wasn't that much of a cliche but he did come from Russia! Lasted way more than it takes to become a trooper and could have made it to super trooper had it needed to be. Good job comrade Max!

Second original is gonna leave it's home to go to a warmer place. Australia! I feel that I will get to know the new owner pretty soon as he has two appointments in Japan and has, on top of that, appointments in Denmark as well later on for a sleeve. Awesomeness!

Still more originals left to buy, although Amalie isn't happy to let them go any more after seeing them again. So buy them before my wife does!!


igl said...

very nice Tattoo Sir!
très bien !

Sam said...

Beyond beautiful!

l said...

russian tough boy))

Griffith said...

awesome work!