Friday, January 23, 2009

Sometimes things just is black & white

Here is a few shots from the Holga 35mm that now belongs to Martin (Pato)...looking forward to see what he can get out of it. Normally I wouldn't give away any camera but since I got the LC-A+ it felt like it would be a shame to let Holga sit there on the shelf while L was out and about with me. So Martin got her and I like the idea of encouraging others to take pictures and I think he will get something cool out of her. is some pictures I just got back. Shot on Kodak 400 Tmax Black & White.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm kind of a big appartment smells of rich mahogany.

I somehow made it to Tattoo Artist Magazine!! They did a huuuuge article with me and not only that but they were stupid enough to give me the cover aswell. I do share it with Tony Hundahl from Rock of ages in Austin so half of them is with my cover and half is with his. So for those of you readers who are tattooers, go buy the magazine and check it have to be a tattooer to buy it.

The Original Artwork

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tatt-Zappin' Austin.

Here is a few pieces done on our last trip to Austin, Texas! You know the place where you can get awesome cowboy boots and where they have Jackalopes and armadillos. Right?

First a few that I did on the Star Of Texas convention.

This next one I did on our good friend Tina who we stayed and worked with. A little tribute to her old dog, Roxy, who now are running in doggy heaven.

This little stomach piece will be finished later on this year. We are gonna add some color and a bit more here and there. Poor Jeff...5 hours!!

Update For Tattooaddicts.

It has been a while since I have posted anything tattoo related. Sorry! I have had so many cool pieces coming through the shop but it's not always that I remember to take a "in progress" picture or sometimes there is just to much blood or glare to get a decent shot. But here is a few pieces that I have finished a while ago now.

This one just need one more shot and a bit of touch-up and we are done.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

At the Farm

This last roll is mostly from our last saturday in Austin. Our good friends Tina And Roger had a good day planed for us.
First we went to a huge fleamarked where we got ourself some pretty nice stuff including a bunch of cool Mexican religious stuff...although we don't believe in god we still enjoy the art. Tina got me a cool Led Zeppelin Tee and Amalie scored a few nice things her self. We also got some sweet ass belts...Texas style...Biiig belt buckles!
Just walking around and looking at cool old stuff (and getting frustrated because we couldn't buy half of it) was really cool. Good times!

Roger wasn't in a bad mood...I guess I cought him of guard...I like the picture though.

After one succes that day already Tina and Roger took us to another awesome place: THE SNAKE FARM!!
This place looked like nothing have changed (or been cleaned) in the last 20 years! Hell year! Obviously there were a lot of snakes inkluding some pretty awesome albino snakes (pictures later), but when we got to the back of the place we were met by lamas and lemurs and peacocks and chickens in the trees. There were wolfs, small pigs, monkeys and a bunch of other cool animals...Amalie was in animal heaven and ran from one animal to the other with a huge smile on her face. More good times!

After a whole day o' fun Tina made us a really delicious Korean home cooked meal with dumplings and everything. Thank you guys for taking good care of us!

I know I already have posted a picture of this sign but I like it and there will be more and there is nothing you can do to stop me muhaa haa haa!! NOTHING!! ...ahmmrr...ok...

More Austin goodness on this roll. There is some pictures from Roger and Tinas place and their pig...that's right they had a pig in their backyard! Awesome!

The Taco Express is one of the MANY landmarks of Austin. Cool buildings and signs and shit standing outside. We didn't eat there though so no review of the food.

At Resurrection Tattoo

Jo's cafe.