Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm kind of a big appartment smells of rich mahogany.

I somehow made it to Tattoo Artist Magazine!! They did a huuuuge article with me and not only that but they were stupid enough to give me the cover aswell. I do share it with Tony Hundahl from Rock of ages in Austin so half of them is with my cover and half is with his. So for those of you readers who are tattooers, go buy the magazine and check it have to be a tattooer to buy it.

The Original Artwork


Flora Amalie said...

So so famous!!

Jesse Smith said...

Congratulations Homie!

igl said...

proud,(...) son, i´m very proud...!

-Straight Edge Photography- said...

You're the shit now always were in my view. Have an extra pirate coin for me before bedtime.

Vi ses


Anonymous said...

Cannot be