Thursday, August 27, 2009

Holy Mother Of....

I the middle of doing all my pure evil paintings I maneged to finally finish this holy mother.
I don't do that much black and grey stuf but I usually really enjoy it. Specially if it is something to do with roses and people. Well here it is...

Now back to doing evilness and satanic skateboards... more about that soon enough.

More Than Meets The Eye

This is yesterdays doing. Another Pet tribute! One of my favourite things to tattoo.
This is actually my second guinea pig tattoo...funny!!

Soon...Paintings and stuff.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A dog in the sun

Here is a little tribute to our little Lucifer who got both his knees operated on last week. The means that he can't walk that much and he is not allowed to jump up or down from stuff or run. Hard for a small dog who used to do that all the time but for the next loooong time he will not be allowed to do any of that. We can see that he is getting better and better but that also means that he wants to jump down from stuff again and run...but he can't so we have to watch him all the time.

Here is a few pictures of him enjoying the sun in Bisserup.


I always love geeky tattoos. This one is a tribute to the Twilight books. I havn't read them myself or seen the movie but she had laid out all the info for me so it worked out.
I should also mention that with her lasting 7 and a half hours she gained the prestigious title of trooper! Good job (also to Sara who lasted 6 and a half the day before. The tattoo was just too red to take a picture of...Still good job!!)

And thanks for alllllll the chocolate and the cake!! I am still saving the chocolate for the perfect movie night.

Going for a walk

Once again I am lacking behind on my blog posts! Sorry!! I really wanna get back into posting almost every day. Everything has just been crazy lately with us beeing sick from some food we ate. It took more than 2 weeks before we were all back to normal again...for me that was a couple of days ago.
Well enough excuses.

Here is some pictures from our extra trip to Bisserup. We went there a little while ago for vacation but that was where we got sick so we didn't really get to enjoy it too much so we went back for an extra weekend.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

More antler action!

This is what I finished today. We had done all the lines before so that is why some of the details like the eye looks a bit strange. It might take some time before I can get a real picture of this Swedish antler girl so this will have to do for now!

All lot to report and tell but now I got to attend to my self and relax after a loong but good day.

Lamb of "god"?

Back from 2 weeks of vacation where we spend a lot of the last week being sick. Of well! We are back!

This is what I was working on while being in a nice sunny summer vacation house near forrest and beach! This will be mad as a print on some niiiiiice paper!! It will be awesome and also very limited!! So far I am thinking 50 hand numbered and hand signed. This will be sold for the first time on the London convention in September and the rest will be sold at the shop or here through Paypal. More info when I get to it! But here she is! In all her evilness!!!


This clip is not from some police state or some strange republic where the people don't have any rights... this is from last night in Copenhagen, Denmark...where I live.

It will take to long to get into the details of the demonstration and the way I see it, then it doesn't even matter what the course was either (well it did but not for the point here...But that is really really insane so I can't get into that). What scares me here is how brutal and aggressive these militant cops (this is the regular Danish police) are. There is NO excuse for this kind of brutality. NO reason at all.

I have seen many cases of police brutality in person but usually it has been in riot like scenarios or at least demonstrations where there has been something going on where they can hide this kind of behaviour behind the excuse of getting attacked but what is the excuse here. "Well I had to hit that young girl 8 times because she just kept sitting there. I was scared! What could I do?"

I am shocked and ashamed that this is what the Danish Police force is like. This is who they are now. What happened to the nice police officer who is there to protect and serve? Who let the police become a bunch of brutal hooligans who beats up defenceless young people who sits down on the ground just to spray them with pepperspay right in their faces?

There is supposed to be a complaint made out to the police after this but that shouldn't even be necessary...the evidence is right here!! They went too far!! End of story! But as always nothing will happen. It is the police we are talking about...the "law"...if they still remember that there is such a thing.

I know that there is some many worse things going on in the world but these people are the ones who are supposed to protect us and not be our enemy!

Here is another "best of" of our finest!

Angry Uncle!!

Up next...pretty pictures of tattoos and stuff!!