Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"congratulations sir, It's a blog"

A new blog is born...
I have just published my new photoblog Photographic Memories. There will be very little text and more photos and most likely no tattoos...unless a model has some that is.
There is already a few posts lined up to be posted but a little at a time so check back once in a while.
So please go check it out and I hope you will enjoy it.

In other photo related news:

Copenhagen Cycle Chic is a cool blog showing our danish bike culture in a stylish fashion (pun intended). I really like the way of shooting people on the street and it inspired me to take some shots in the spirit here of, on my last trips to Japan. They were kind enough to put a bunch of my shots up on the blog. Please go check that out HERE and HERE and let me or them know what you think. There might be a post on the new blog later with more shots from this series.

I gave myself an extra Christmas present this year! A DARKROOM (no Eckel, still not the touchy touchy tecno kind of darkrrom). Soon I will be able to develop and print my own pictures! I CAN'T WAIT!! I pretty much got a great deal on everything I will need to do it so now we just have to build the room. I bought it from a great photographer who is a friend of ours and a friend of Amalie's parents. Mr. Peter Olsen. It felt really good buying it from someone who has been taking so good care of it as he has and who knows what he is doing with the stuff. Thanks Peter for the great deal. Exciting! I will have the best teacher I can imagine, Mr Nikolaj Meding who is a great photographer and Amalie's cousin. The great people at Photografica has also promised me to be as helpful as possible and I have already borrowed a couple of books on the subject from one of the guys. This is going to be AWESOME!!

6512 copy1

Now Go check out all the links!

See you soon!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I will see you again...

So where were we this time?

Well, we are back from Japan...have been for a while now I guess. It is crazy cold here in Copenhagen specially coming from nice weather in Tokyo. But it is good to back together with the Gang and I have been keeping myself busy with fun stuff...hence the absence from this here blog.

To make a long post short, I have been tattooing a bunch but not much to post YET.
I have been trying to go through the huge Gigapiles of pictures from the trip.
I just finished sorting through the pictures of bikes and people on bikes from Japan. Some of these might go on this Danish blog if they like my pictures. More about that if that happens.

So many things have happened that I don't know where to start or what to say... ok breath...

Well, I have decided to start a new blog. I will make a blog for my photos so the ones of you who only care about the tattoo stuff don't have to scroll through long post with pictures of...well, not tattoos. Also I kinda feel guilty for making these long posts for the same reason, so therefore a new blog will be born soon. I will still have small posts here on this blog when I update the photoblog and if I have stories or what ever to tell about the pictures. See the idea about the new blog is to have more pictures and less words. So the journal part stays here. Anyway... more about that when I am done editing more pictures and come up with a name that doesn't sound too stupid or pretentious.

Since Myspace is dead (or slowly and painfully dying) I decided to kill my internet boredom by joining something that I though I would newer get into. No it's not facebook. I will NEVER make a facebook profile. No, you see, I now have a Twitter account. Yeb! Havn't tweeeeeted much yet but as soon as I have something to say and have figured out how it all works I guess updates and news will be flowing there for you all to see. I figure it will be everything from updates about travels, cancellations/openings, shows or conventions or stuff for sale but also stupid stuff that I want to share with the rest of my fellow internetters. So hit me up. Im...well Uncle_Allan. There will also soon be a link here to push if you can't find me for some reason.

The two paintings from the "Scream With Me" show, that didn't got sold, is now back and safe at the Conspiracy. If you wanna check them out in real life or even wanna own one of them then drop by the shop.

Please keep an eye on Amalies blog for an update of her Etsy shop. She is putting some of her latest masterpieces up there and I took the pictures of them for her shop. It was a fun day so I am looking forward to see the result online. The hats are amazing so go check them out when the shop is up again.

More news soon...

Now as promised, some pictures!

Matt got the other hand after all. Hope it stays in there!!

One of the last pieces from Japan. A HELL MOUTH!

I finally got to tattoo Rei.

This one was inspired by the Mastodon cover for Blood mountain. Geeks will recognize the logo.

A little sneak peak... I wanna get a picture of it healed before I post the whole thing.

No music video today...but a little treat anyway!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


This is the final post from Japan. Final FROM Japan but not about Japan. I have tons of pictures just waiting to be uploaded to my own computer so I can go through them.
We are test packing and will be sending some crap home later today. Tonight will be our goodbye dinner and tomorrow morning we will leave this amazing place to go back what can only seem like a suburb compared to this wonderful city. We will leave this amazing weather, where we have been able to just wear a hoodie and maybe a coat if cold, for snow blizzards and freezing temperatures. Not good. But at least we have some good people and a good shop to come home to. Friends!!
Now we will go have a last breakfast at our Jazz cafe. Gonna miss that too along with all the other things that makes me soooo damn happy here. But we will be back soon.

This is what we are listening to while packing. Still love it!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sadistic Magician

Here is the last couple of tattoos I did here in Japan... for now anyway. Still have a few more to do but now a few days of vacation. The day before yesterday I got my last session on this trip from Shige and yesterday was Amalies turn. I bet there will be some pictures of both on her blog as soon as she has the time to post them. She did soooo well and we went out with Shige and his family for dinner after her session.
Today we went back to Yokohama. We met up with Toshi at Yokohama station. We went by Yellow Blaze to say hi to Shige again. Matt
(the guy who I did a neck and a palm on) were having his 3rd session on his sleeve so he was having fun! We took his wife Sam with us for a bit of China town shopping and a trip to the Ramen Museum! This place was amazing so it deserves it's own post later with pictures.
Tomorrow is another amazing day in Japan and with no work. I might take my camera and have a little photogrphic adventure... I need that! I have a few ideas in mind and there is some places I need to go check out as well now that I finally have the time.
So see you soon.

The Grim-Seahorse

To be continued in April.

And here is your soundtrack:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kyō wa mokuyobi desu

Today is our day off. We are gonna go shopping with Hata and later go have dinner with our friend Izumi. This is a big deal for us since it is the first time we will meet her boyfriend and see where they live.
This is some pictures I got back yesterday. Nothing fancy but I thought I might throw them up here anyway.


Papa Rei.

Meals on wheels.

Sweet potatoes and baked potatoes.

Amalie Desu.

Moving on...
Mata ne

Kyō wa suiyōbi desu

So this was the last day of the super Tattoo Madness part of the trip. Still have a few more pieces to do but it will be easy compared to this week of making one Trooper/Super Trooper (6 hours/8 hours) after the other. I am telling you, they must put something in the water in Australia because we are talking 9 and 9,5 hours with no complains. One guy even got two tattoos with one day apart and was still talking about going for the highest of titles next time... JEDI KNIGHT! That's right! 11 hours! That, my friends, is the true trooper spirit!
Well let's get to the pictures, shall we and why not start with this young Padawan.

We started with his upper arm. Do to rough Jedi skin it took me longer than I had hoped for so it will have to wait until April to be finished and blogged. He still made it way past Super Trooper on that one. He did, however, finish his Trooper titled piece a couple of days after.

In between his mad sessions we managed to find the time to make a Trooper worthy tattoo on his girlfriend. Can't go wrong with a classic like an owl. Specially if you slap some antlers on it!

The next Aussie couples didn't hold back on their Trooperness either!
Ladies first!
This is a little tribute to her cat. She wanted her cat to have a Venetian mask on and riding a carousel horse. It ended up looking like this after more than 9 hours.

Matt here had his whole arm lined and shaded two days in a row by Shige. Even though that still wasn't fully healed yet he still didn't hesitate (much) to get a huge neck piece AND a palm done. ATTENTION: Palms will NOT be a new thing for me to do. This was the first time and I did it to try it out and since he REALLY wanted me to do it. The deal was that he gave me a spot where I could do a nice tattoo so he at least would have something nice to show from me in case it fell out or blew up or something. And since the rest of his skin was already spoken for to get a bodysuit then we were left with the neck. Some of you might know that I am not the biggest fan of doing neck. It sucks. But to my luck Matt had the best neck skin in the world and that allowed me to do one of the biggest neck tattoo that I have ever done.

We were supposed to do both his palms but we figured that after 5 hours of tattooing on the neck one hand would do. We also just wanna see how that goes and if everything is good we will do the other before we leave.
This idea was Amalies idea. See, I was looking for something mystical/occult/secret to do on this hand since he is getting the pyramid with the all seeing eye on the other. She came up with doing a rose so you could lift your hand and talk "Sub Rosa". Press the link to read about that. Cool idea babe! I googled a bit and came up with this simple 5 leafed rose like they used in the churches.

Last up is this little fellow! I was a bit concerned at first because he only had this spot to give me. Between upper and lower arm on a skinny dude with two cool Matt Sharmah tattoos on both insides. On top of that he wanted it to get a pyramid with an eye. Ok, one more then. It ended up being a really cool piece if you ask me. I am super stoked about them all and you guys have all been good company.
This dude didn't make it to Trooper though, since it didn't take that long. Still think he did a good job any way. Maybe next time when I come back.

I am falling asleep while typing now so I think I will go to bed now.

There might be some pictures coming up tomorrow since it is a day off but we do have plans so only maybe.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Neko Desu

I am almost done with my Tattoo marathon part one. I will have a brief stop tomorrow and then back on it friday. But today is still a work day so you will have to wait just a bit longer for some crazy tattoo pictures.
Mean while, here is some pictures from our first trip to Yellow Blaze. Shige had saved this tiny kitten the morning that I got tattooed. You can read more about this little fellow on Amalies blog HERE

Now I will have to go to work! One more day and then finally a day off. Ahhhhh...

Mata Neeeee

Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Eye Of The Tiger

We have safely arrived in Japan. The flight was ok but unfortunately I couldn't sleep...so I watched Rocky Balboa again. Second time on a plane. Anyway... The no sleeping thing wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't because I actually had to work as soon as we got there. There was no other day we could do this since she was going home the next day and who am I to deny her her first tattoo...on the ribs? She did super well and hopefully she will soon forget how painful it was.

After work we went out to our welcome dinner which was good but hard to keep awake to. At this point we must have been awake for like 30 hours or so. The food was good though... I looooove Japanese food.
After a quick stop at our SevenEleven for some icecream and sodas we went home and tried to stay awake for a few minutes of Japanese tv...didn't last long.

Next day I was back at work again. While I was doing my scheduled tattoo this young fellow came in to Inkrat to get a tattoo of Abraham Lincoln. Hata didn't have time so he asked if I could do it. I have been wanting to tattoo Abe for a while so I figured why not. It was a funny feeling too, doing a walkin, since I havn't done that in ages. But he got his Kinda-dead-pressident.

After work we went to dinner followed by a quick trip to Village Vanguard for some shopping. I love shopping at night!
Today is a day off before 2 days in Yokohama. I will get tattooed tomorrow and Amalie is up next so maybe it will be a few days before I am back here with updates but updates there will be. A lot of work to come as well. As always you can also follow our doings on the wifeys blog.
Now I will enjoy my first day of in Japan.

Mata ne.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

O' God The Aftermath

My evil Norwegian homeboy Martin came back to get some more evil sataness carved into his skin. This is turning into the most evil sleeve I have ever done and maybe will ever do. I mean, if I wasn't going to hell for the satanic dirty antler ladies then this sleeve would save me a good spot.
This time he actually had two days in a row but we still have a bit left on todays session so you will have to settle with yesterdays evilness:


Amalie asked what it needed all the eyes for. Well, you see. It is a hard job to be a demonic devil wolf so you will need:
A pair of X-ray eyes.
A pair of Night vision eyes.
A pair of normal eyes.
A pair of infrared eyes.
A pair of HD Vision eyes.
A pair of EVIL eyes
and of course the LAZER EYE.
That's what!!

More Norwegian blackness in January.

Ole came by last week to get his arm photographed. Nice and healed. Not only that but he brought a bunch of cool stuff for the shop! Amazing! Thanks duder!! Well here is a preview but you will have to go to the shop blog to see the whole thing when Amalie has had the time to post it.

One more day and we are of to Japan. AWESOOOOME!!!
Lot of work, 2 sessions with Shige but hopefully also some good times to walk the streets of Tokyo and snap a picture or two.
But now...sleepytime!

What's that? I forgot the music video? Well ok then. To even out all the evilness, here is some nice young Christian guys.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It was your heart on the line

I always love when my work days seem like a mix of work and hanging out with friends. Had one of those days yesterday with our buddy Jon who came to get a little love declaration done. Ms. Ama'r.
A good day with a lot of good music makes a good day at work. Yes sir.

Eckel got the debut album from Mumford And Sons from one of his customers. I had seen one video from them that I really liked but didn't really know what to expect from the rest. You see, I really REALLY hate Irish-kinda folk music and it doesn't get better if you mix it with other genres like punk. No I REALLY don't like Dropkick Murphys!! But these guys somehow managed to slip through the hate net. It didn't take many beats either to convince Jon that this was some serious awesome shit. That's why this video is dedicated to Jon and the proud ship Ms. Ama'r.

A last little update on the San Francisco art show. Here is some cool pictures from the opening night of the "Sream With Me" show at the 111 Minna Gallery. You will have to scroll down almost to the bottom to get to the event.
The show will run for a few more days and all the remaining paintings can actually be bought by contacting Angela by mail for prices and info. Write her on angelarachelleholmes@gmail.com.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

upon the wings of Blaaaaack!!!

The opening of the Scream With Me show in San Francisco was a few days ago so I think it's time that I show what I did for it. All 3 paintings are A3 size (+ frame.) and are all for sale at the gallery so hurry up and go there if you wanna get away with one of these evil ladies.
If anyone have been to the show or go there please let me know how it was. I wish I could have been there myself because there is a whoooole bunch of good artist in that show. Pheeww!!
Hope you like the gals... but what's not to like? Sex, skulls and corpse paint. Am I right?

So here they are. Let me know what you think.

I Scream

You Scream

We Scream

And of course this post needs some music video as well. We can't stop the video madness just yet so here is a bit of...mmm... mood music.

One that I like:

...and one for the fancy makeup and funny faces...I mean evil faces...yes!

...a little tip: Try watching the last video without sound...not so scary any more.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

In other news...

This here post will be a information post.

First off; Booking!!! Yes! One of the most FAQ! Now we finally have an answer to that question. This is the real deal people. No matter what you have heard about how impossible it is to book with me, it's not true. It is possible to get an appointment. Maybe not next week or month but it's not impossible. You still have to get in contact with my wife Amalie to book with me but she has made a really cool system to try to avoid and slowly get rid of my waaaaay too long waiting list.
Please go to the shop blog HERE. While you are at it check out how fancy she made the Conspiracy Inc. blog. So check out the FAQ there and also please just take your time to read the booking rules/instructions. It all there...everything you need to know. Just take your time. Ok so one more time for the cheap seats. To see how to book with me...go HERE. Thanks to everyone who is patient enough to wait and get tattooed by me! I really really appreciate it!!

Next topic. Japan!! Yep we are going back to Japan... soon. We will be in Tokyo and at Ink Rat from the 5th of November till the 4th of December. To book an appointment with me there you will have to email Hata at Ink Rat Inkrat00@yahoo.co.jp (that's cero's in the end..NOT o's). But to avoid any misunderstandings please send me an email with your idea, placement and size to Conspiracyinctattoo@gmail.com
Still not sure what to do or where to write? Go HERE.
I am gonna have some vacation and some painful sessions with my good ol pal Shige so I don't know how much I will be working so hurry up before the Vacation Fever sets in.

What else...

Again, and this will not be the last time I mention it, GO SEE THE "SCREAM WITH ME" ART SHOW IN SAN FRANCISCO!!!
Check out the site
I will post pictures of my 3 paintings later but I want to wait till after the opening party which is tomorrow. All 3 painting are for sale at the Gallery so if you wanna own a nicely framed painting cheaper than what I normally charge then go see the show.

mmm...what else...

well due to temporary loss of internet I forgot what else to inform you guys about. So that's it.

Here is a picture of Martin's arm. This will be a sleeve of satanic goodness. This is the first part and you can look forward to see the next part soon as he has 2 more sessions this month where we will ad a wolfheaded priest with 13 eyes and antlers...WHAT? Yep! That's gonna happen!!
But for now, here is first part.

Tomorrow I will finally get to see my good friend Jacob play with his band The Kandidate. They will be on tour with Volbeat and Entombed in Europe so go check them out! So far I have missed out every time they have played near me so I am excited to finally see them live.
So why not throw in a little video for our music video marathon?

Some of you might remember him from the good ol days with Hatesphere. I actually even tattooed Anne from the video today. You can go check out the progress on the shop blog.

This video was actually my original idea for today's video part of the post. Nothing to do with the rest but I wanna post it today anyway. Moooody!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Happy Sunday everyone.
I have been editing pictures for Amalie all weekend. We had a photoshoot with Christel and her sister Jacqueline to show Amalies hats. It was an awesome day and a real educational experience for me. I got to try out different gear and figured out a whole lot about light and composition and stuff like that. So now I finally found the time to edit them. Normally I prefer just taking the picture and make it as good as possible on the camera so I don't need to do any Photoshopping later. I like to take the picture as if it was film. For me that is more photography than if you just snap a picture just to photoshop the shit out of it later. For me that can seem more like photoshop art than photography but in this case I wanted to go crazy and have a old picture kinda look. What I did/am doing is that I have taken a bunch of pictures that I am happy with as they are but then on top of that I edit them to make them look like old Holga-ish pictures with grains and lightleaks and all that shabang. Holga...So hot right now...Holga!
I will post some soon when I am done and Amalie has posted them on her etsy and blog.

I guess I better show a bit of skin to keep you around so here is another lamp...Yes he also loves lamp.

This Music video part of the post is dedicated to my homies in Cancer Bats. A small selection of their videos that I really like. Enjoy.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

London is the reason

This weekend we went to the London convention. Usually we have a great time there. This time...not so much. You see, a few days earlier I was foolish enough to stand outside in the cold and rainy weather painting the frames for the artshow mentioned in the previous post (SOOO stoked to be in that!!)...wearing short sleeves!! Great idea! Awesome! Well thought out plan chap! Well of course I caught a cold which not only gave me the worst plugs in my ears on the flight but also meant that I had to cancel working on the first day, Friday! Sucked BIG TIME! Fortunately that meant that I could walk around and talk to people and buy stuff. All the things that I never have time to do on the conventions. I hadn't booked any one in since I was just gonna do walk-ins from pre-drawn designs so no one had to get canceled. Saturday was better in the way that I actually did one tattoo. Felt better but wasn't in super shape so Amalie made sure that I didn't overworked myself as I usually would. That resulted in a few disappointed people but what can you do when your nose is running? Sunday I upped it and did two tattoos. That's right!!
To all of the people who I have met this weekend: I hope I didn't seem to far away in my head. I tried my best to be present the whole time but it was a bit hard once in a while. So I am sorry if I seamed a bit...off.

I am not really sure if this booking plan worked as I wanted it to so I don't know if I will do the same thing next year or try something else. I do know that I hate to disappoint people so I might think of something else. Sorry to all who had hoped to get tattooed! Maybe next time.

There wasn't much partying going on. Thursday night I was out and asleep before 10 at night. Never happens!! The rest of the weekend was pretty much, Dinner and off to bed. But it seamed like we weren't the only ones who were lacking energy this weekend so at least we didn't feel too guilty for not being the big party animals.
But it wasn't all bad. Good friends, nice customers and awesome people in general made it worth the trip and we also got a few awesome presents to bring home with us.

Adam Hays Gave me this bad boy!! AMAZING!!!! You rock dude!!

The picture is from his website.

Dan Smith gave us a print of the painting he did for a Sea Shepherd art show which is a good motivator for me to get started on doing one too. I have had planned to do a charity painting for Sea Shepherd for a looooong time now so this might help me to get started. Thanks Dan.

The best part is always to see those people we only see this one time a year. Even though it might only be for a few minutes it still means a lot. So to all our old friends, It was good to see you again, and to all our new friends, it is a pleasure to get to know you. See you all again next year.

So here they are: The 3 tattoos from this years London Convention!

The OHHHH so evil goat from hell! That's right EEEEEVIL!! Notice the upside down cross of BONES and the word WRATH written in dripping blood!! EVIL I TELL YOU...NOT CUTE!

Ok so we are back to the music video part! YAY!!! Right?? Well it's one live, one real video and one song with a fan made video but I wanna share these 3 songs.

These 3 should have been posted a while ago since we listened to that a lot...and I mean A LOT back a few weeks ago...but then again...we still do. So here is 3 of my shop favourites at the moment.


Hi ya'll!
I'm back. Back from London. Back to a more daily routine. Back to this blog.

Before I get into all the things that I have been up to I would like to start with this post. This has been one of the reasons why there has been a lack of posts here on the blog. I have been invited to join a group show in San Francisco called "Scream With Me". It is an honour to be among these people, a lot of whom I really admire. I don't even understand that I was asked to be a part of this but I am stoked about it and I just wish I could be there myself to see the show. If it wasn't for our recent trip to the London convention (see following post) and our upcoming trip to Japan, I would take the trip to SF to be there at the opening. So if you find your self in the area please go check it out and represent me.
I was asked for 3 paintings so I decided to do a series around "scream". "I scream", "You Scream" and "We Scream". A bit cheesy perhaps but I hope people will look more at the paintings than the title. I'm not gonna spoil it for the gallery or the people who wanna go there so here is just a small tease but I can say this much...If you like chicks and corpse paint and bit of erotic then you might like these 3 paintings.

They will be for sale at the gallery so if you wanna own one of my originals framed in a nice matt black frame then here is your chance.

Here is the flyer.

Well, I'm not gonna let you hanging there after a tease so here is a painting I finished a while ago. Just got it framed today and finally got to blog it too. It is already hanging on our Conspiracy walls so come check it out if you are in the hood.

I was gonna continue my music video thing and I will but I think this is fitting for the post. Enjoy and see you soon. More posts are coming in a bit.