Sunday, October 10, 2010

upon the wings of Blaaaaack!!!

The opening of the Scream With Me show in San Francisco was a few days ago so I think it's time that I show what I did for it. All 3 paintings are A3 size (+ frame.) and are all for sale at the gallery so hurry up and go there if you wanna get away with one of these evil ladies.
If anyone have been to the show or go there please let me know how it was. I wish I could have been there myself because there is a whoooole bunch of good artist in that show. Pheeww!!
Hope you like the gals... but what's not to like? Sex, skulls and corpse paint. Am I right?

So here they are. Let me know what you think.

I Scream

You Scream

We Scream

And of course this post needs some music video as well. We can't stop the video madness just yet so here is a bit of...mmm... mood music.

One that I like:

...and one for the fancy makeup and funny faces...I mean evil faces...yes!

...a little tip: Try watching the last video without sound...not so scary any more.


Sam said...

Awww, wish I could go buy 'We Scream' - I love it! :)

l said...

love all your paintings!

Anonymous said...

Wish I was there and had whatever amount of money needed to buy them:)) Really really cool, love your artwork.

CoreyGirl said...

i LOVE the third one. WOW!!

art skull tattoo said...

Very good stuff, amazing girls and skulls, the first one is my favorite, " bravo l'artiste "

Joseph said...

Amazing energy in "We scream" !

Do feel free to incorporate that sort of momentum into my back piece ^^


Eric said...

loving that third one!!

Uncle Allan said...

Thanks everyone!! I am happy that you like them! Someone just bought "We Scream". Weeeee!

To Peter who's comment wasn't posted due to Spam filter... Please ask questions at my mail and specify what you mean at

Anonymous said...

cool paintings and yes.. immortal