Wednesday, October 6, 2010

In other news...

This here post will be a information post.

First off; Booking!!! Yes! One of the most FAQ! Now we finally have an answer to that question. This is the real deal people. No matter what you have heard about how impossible it is to book with me, it's not true. It is possible to get an appointment. Maybe not next week or month but it's not impossible. You still have to get in contact with my wife Amalie to book with me but she has made a really cool system to try to avoid and slowly get rid of my waaaaay too long waiting list.
Please go to the shop blog HERE. While you are at it check out how fancy she made the Conspiracy Inc. blog. So check out the FAQ there and also please just take your time to read the booking rules/instructions. It all there...everything you need to know. Just take your time. Ok so one more time for the cheap seats. To see how to book with me...go HERE. Thanks to everyone who is patient enough to wait and get tattooed by me! I really really appreciate it!!

Next topic. Japan!! Yep we are going back to Japan... soon. We will be in Tokyo and at Ink Rat from the 5th of November till the 4th of December. To book an appointment with me there you will have to email Hata at Ink Rat (that's cero's in the end..NOT o's). But to avoid any misunderstandings please send me an email with your idea, placement and size to
Still not sure what to do or where to write? Go HERE.
I am gonna have some vacation and some painful sessions with my good ol pal Shige so I don't know how much I will be working so hurry up before the Vacation Fever sets in.

What else...

Again, and this will not be the last time I mention it, GO SEE THE "SCREAM WITH ME" ART SHOW IN SAN FRANCISCO!!!
Check out the site
I will post pictures of my 3 paintings later but I want to wait till after the opening party which is tomorrow. All 3 painting are for sale at the Gallery so if you wanna own a nicely framed painting cheaper than what I normally charge then go see the show.

mmm...what else...

well due to temporary loss of internet I forgot what else to inform you guys about. So that's it.

Here is a picture of Martin's arm. This will be a sleeve of satanic goodness. This is the first part and you can look forward to see the next part soon as he has 2 more sessions this month where we will ad a wolfheaded priest with 13 eyes and antlers...WHAT? Yep! That's gonna happen!!
But for now, here is first part.

Tomorrow I will finally get to see my good friend Jacob play with his band The Kandidate. They will be on tour with Volbeat and Entombed in Europe so go check them out! So far I have missed out every time they have played near me so I am excited to finally see them live.
So why not throw in a little video for our music video marathon?

Some of you might remember him from the good ol days with Hatesphere. I actually even tattooed Anne from the video today. You can go check out the progress on the shop blog.

This video was actually my original idea for today's video part of the post. Nothing to do with the rest but I wanna post it today anyway. Moooody!!


Eriksweden said...

BIG thanks for a great music adventure with Soulsavers...every day needs a mooody part with music, otherwise life is never completed everyday, which is should be, and always is. Its just the size of the circle that differs...

Hey Music vs tattoos, i remember that discussion :)

Sam said...

nice! that goat actually IS evil ;)

Trine Grimm said...

Wow! Looks amazing, and even cooler alive! Was hanging out with Martin a couple of days ago.. always a GOOD TIME and crazyness with him..
Can't wait to see the rest of the arm.. hopefully I will befinished with his other arm yet.

Your work is amazing!
Thank you for inspiration:)

Trine GRimm, Oslo