Thursday, January 28, 2010

I love you, but goodbye

I forgot something, or someone in my last post about the playlist... Go see who here on my wifes blog because she remembere...cross cross reference!!

Today I finally got my Tom Waits Glitter and Doom!! AWESOME!!
I also got The XX on vinyl and Marissa Nadler on cd. Don't know it yet but it sounded pretty good at the store so we will see.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Body's A Zombie For You

Joe was one of the unfortunate one that I had to cancel on last years London Convention due to lack of time. Well, I promised him that if he came to Copenhagen to get it done I would make it up to him. I hope I did. Thanks Joe for coming over.

A lot to say and no energy to say it...
Just to change it up a bit here is something else instead.

Here is some of the stuff that has been on my playlist/genius for a while now.

Dead Man's Bones
Grizzly Bear
Sufjan Stevens
Murder By Death
Old Crow Medicine Show
Bon Iver
M Ward
Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst And the Mystic Valley Band
The Dodos

We did have a few Metal-genius playlists today but this is some of what have been playing a lot for the last week.
Maybe more playlist action some other time.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


After that rant and liftet finger on the internet I feel that I better post something nice. After days of no posts and then all you get is a rant...that's not fair and specially not for those of you who isn't even customers or anything.
So here is some pictures from the last trip to Japan. I already posted pictures from this day. The day at the park with Shige and his family. So this is the 2nd out of 3 planed posts. It is just random shots taken in the park.

The new shop is still a work in progress and we are still waiting for a go to get in there and do stuff. I will drop by there on tuesday and hopefully there will be more news then.

I am trying to do some drawings for a possible sketchbook but my thoughts and concentration seems to be everywhere else than on the paper in front of me. I have even gathered a big pile of inspiration/ideas/reference but it doesn't work as I want it to and everytime I think I got it, it disappears as soon as the pencil hits the paper. I have maneged to doodle a bit and it feels like a good exercise for drawing but not the kind of results I am hoping for. I hope it will get better soon.

Now a bit more drawing and then I think the rest of the sunday will be spend with a good movie.


We have had a bunch of Febuary cancelations which isn't that unusual for Febuary. We have a list of people who are just waiting to get new appointments and usually we can rely on them to fill in any gap there might be or I use it as a day of for drawings or something but since we are in the middle of fixing up a new shop we kinda need to make some greeeeens. So we have been trying to get some of said people from said list to fill the gaps but people are waiting for days before getting back to Amalie about these days which makes planning a calender really hard specielly on the dates that get canceled in the last minute. I don't expect people to drop everything they are doing but please, if you get offered an appointment then PLEASE let Amalie know if you want it, might want it, can't make it or what ever, right away so she knows if she need to find someone else for the date. I will hate to make stupid rules for these kinda things but people are really wasting her time (not all of you) by just not getting back to her. There has been a lot of moving people back and forth for other personal reasons too so all of Febuary is already a mess. We also had to cancel the Milan convention this year which also released 3 dates so there is plenty of holes to be filled. So again I ask you (who are waiting to get an appointment and will be offered one) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get back to Amalie right away when you have gotten offered an appointment. Don't wait 2 or more days before getting back because we don't have time to wait that long so for now we will wait max 1 day (from when the mail has been read) before we give it to someone else. Sorry that it has to be like that but I can't afford to waste more time and Amalie have more important things to worry about so please help us out.
I know there will be some people thinking; why havn't I gotten any dates offered. Well it isn't everyone who will fit into these cancelations and I am affraid that there is also some people who are waiting for touchup sessions that will have to wait till we don't have an expencive shop to fix. Sorry about that.

Sorry for the rant here and I also want to say thanks to those of you who really tries to move things around to come and get tattooed in the last minute! You guys rock.

To soften up this rant, here is what I started last friday.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Black and white Xmas

This is what came out of my xmas present from my brother. He gave me a couple of rolls of film and here is what I used it for.

The regulars might recornice Bisserup from the many previous picture posts... well here it is again!

Copenhagen on Ice!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The fat guy in red and white came back...

I have been getting a lot of spam comments lately here on my blog. I found out that most of them was on post that had something with any type of holiday in the headline so I am afraid that I will have to put on the capture thingy for comments but I hope that you guys will ignore that and keep giving me your comments and input.

Any way... the fat guy... also known as the mailman (who did you think it was?) came with a nice present for me. Well it wasn't from him but from my german buddy
Dennis who had build me a new machine! Like it wasn't enough that he had build me one machine a couple of years back but he thought that it needed company so he had decided to build me this beauty. The run awesome and looks just as awesome! Thanks Dennis!! That was some surprise!! You rock!

...So a wrestler walks into a Mexican bar and sits next to a rooster...

Here is a the latest results from the Conspiracy Inc. headquarters.

My new mexican friend got a little reminder of home. A mexican rooster, some nopales (not a cactus) and the name of the state he is from.

Senor Ole got his lower arm of wrestling tribute started. Here is the great Mil Mascaras in a frame with Tiger Mask on top and in the bottom with the roses we have Dos Caras. Next time we will add Destroyer and get some color in there too.

Jon got his hip owl smoking a "lakridspibe" and sporting a John Deere cap and a spiffy bowtie.