Thursday, October 13, 2016

Back in the New York Grooooooove!

Hey there!
It's sad that I need to travel to find the time to post anything here on my blog... and it's sad that I have to blog when I am traveling. Naaah, It's all good. First day back in New York and I am hanging out at Red Rocket, my New York tattoo home for the next few weeks. 
Much have happened since we last talked. Much is still happening. Things that will be unveiled in the near future. Thing is in the works that will change many things concerning me and my shop. More about that in the nearer future.

One of the things that has occupied much of my time the last many months have been my Black Metal book, "Black". It is finally done and printed and is now a reality! IT EXCIST!!! Even though I haven't seen it yet myself, I believe it to fucking amazing. 

Here is a little picture of the amazing cover and the cool box it comes in.

You can check out more about it at Clandestine Republic HERE and buy it HERE
I will have a small amount available at the shop at some point but the only way to by it online is through Clandestine Republic. All questions about buying, shipping etc should be directed to them since I have nothing to do with that myself. There will be a small amount of extra VIP editions available as well so don't sleep on that one. 

There is a couple of other cool new Uncle Allan items for sale at the moment. I finally got talked into making sketchbooks... so I figured, why not make two? Right? So I got some stuff together and gave it to Gentlemans flash who did 2 amazing sketchbooks for me. I can't decide which one I like the best. I'm really happy what he did with both. You can buy "lines & Sketches" HERE and "Stencils & Sketches" HERE.

There is also a few new items for your cool wardrobe. A re-design of a "classic" Uncle Allan shirt. I redid the logo on the front of this Black Metal shirt with my corpse paint on it. The new logo is inspired (stolen from) by Watain and Ondskapt. 
The back is a photo I took of Fantoft Stave church in Bergen, Norway. 

There is also something for your cool battle vest! These two cool patches!! 

All printed by my good friend Marco at Perpetual Lab.

I also did this set of prints of burning churches. 5 Norwegian burning churches that got burned by black metal people back in the days. They only come as a set.

You can get it all HERE on my online store.

I have a few more items hopefully to be added on a few weeks. I can't say too much but it might involve pins, prints and stitched patches.. maybe! 

What else is new? What else do I have to tell you guys? Well, tons of things! Travel and event dates...

Conspiracy Inc. will have a Halloween party on the 5th of November. There will be walk in halloween tattoos by Jakub and myself from 12:00-20:00 and with following partyyyyy. Come get tattooed or just hang out and have a drink and sing your heart out at Karaoke. Half price on your halloween tattoo if you're dressed up. I will post preview of my flash on my instagram soon (Unclea).
Hope to see some of you there!

I will be back in Bergen for some anti-christmas madness at Let's Buzz. I will be there from the 7th-11th of December. Still have a few appointments available so email me if you are interested. 

I will be back at the Paris convention, Mondial Du Tatouage on the 3rd-5th of March. I will be doing walk-ups from pre-drawn designs as usual, so just drop by.

There is some other trips in the planning but for now that is all that is set! 

I am currently booking from now and till april 2017. Email me your idea to to book and let me know when you are looking to book in. 

Ok... I think that is it for now... don't want to spoil you guys with too much fun! I will see if I can post some more while I am on vacation. Maybe even some tattoo pictures!