Monday, February 23, 2009

The return of the Germans

These guys goes alllll the way back to my 3rd post on this blog!
Well they came back for some more and that was what they got.
It was good to see you guys again!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


That's right!! And that is what it says on the sweet sweet metalized Rock Of Ages Tattoo tshirt I got in the mail the other day! It was all sold out when we were in Austin but our friends made sure that I would be able to spread the good word! Thanks guys!! will all be over soon!!

Jon, straight out of Shanksville, got his first tattoo and what could be more cool to get than a mean ass wolf wearing a plastic gold shanksville Bling Bling, howling at a bleeding moon?? Just asking because we couldn't think of anything!

How many gears can a butterfly have?

Steph came back for some more colour on her mechanical butterfly and roses sleeve. Almost there...

That time again

Hourglasses is one of those things that I have been asked to do a gizillion times and sometimes I don't even want to do them because I can't figure out a new way to do it but then sometimes it's just a fun thing to do again. This girl came from Switzerland to get her little hourglass and I think after a few hours of pain we were both pleased with the result.

Later that night went to see The Gaslight Anthem. Really great show!! Just what I had been wanting to see for a while. A good well played rock and roll show!

Miilaaaaaaaaaaaaaano!! She's a beautyfull!!

As some of you know I was trying something out on this years Milan convention. It worked out pretty good and it was really really nice not to have to draw early in the morning or waste time doing the day on redrawing stuff. That meant that I actually had time to take a look around and buy stuff and say hello to people...well at least more than usual. I guess I will try this out again next year.
I think I have decided to go with my plan from last year on London for this year as well.
So here is the result from this years Milan Experiment. If you want to see more then go to my wifes blog and see her report on this event. She had made this cute hat for Sunny Buick.

I forgot this guy last year so he was the only one who had an appointment. Thanks for waiting a whole year!!
It is also another attempt to take Bobby T out of the game with this super realistic portrait of my customers mom.

I didn't get one good picture of this one so I had to photoshop the crap out of the picture. Sucks! I have been wanting to do a sealion for ages. It looked really good in real life!

So that was it for this years Milan convention. Good times were had. It was good to see some of our once-a-year-friends again and also some of our friends that we are lucky enough to see more than once a year. It was a pleasure to share booth with my good friend Chriss Dettmer and it was good to have my other homie Hunter S just around the corner.
To end this report I wanna show how friggin' awesome Crash's (editor of Tattoo Artist Magazine) daughter, Raven is!! She rocks and with her brand new Uncle A shirt she is now one of the cool kids!! Yeah!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Satan is real!

It has been a while...and it will be a bit longer before I will have you guys fully updates. There is a bunch to tell and show from Milan and some great guests and customers at the shop.
I am hoping that this can buy me some time. I promise to try to get you more up to date in the next couple of days! Promise!!

Today I did my second portrait even...well reall portrait. I have done some semi real ones before but this was my second black and grey kind of portrait. It was just supposed to be Hank Williams and a bit of extra stuff but ended up a big piece.

Now I need to chill a bit with the wife!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Lucy!!

Lucy cam all the way from the Uk to celebrate her birthday by getting tortured by 3 different kinds of liners for 6 hours. AUCH!!! Poor girl! But she took it as a trooper and yes...after 6 hours you ern the title of trooper!! I don't know why lines like that always takes so much longer on the ribs. As it didn't hurt bad enough as it was. Noo noo let's try to make it last longer!! Sorry!! But after these 6 hours I am not worried about how she will do next time! Trooper!!
Hope you guys will have a great day in Copenhagen before your never ending trip home and we will look forward to see you guys soon!

On other Tat zap'n news...
There is a new Blog in town! The Conspiracy inc. Blog! It will be a place with news and updates and what not from the shop so go "follow" that as well so you will get updated on shop news.

That's it for today! See you tomorrow with news about the Germans...and maybe more Milan sneak peak!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

This is just a test!

Usually when I go to Conventions I end up overbooking myself and that usually results in me having to get up early every morning and draw and won't have time for breakfast or anything. When the day is done, usually after they throw me of the floor as one of the last artist still working, I will be beat after a loooong day of drawing and tattooing. Therefore I have decided to try something out for this years Milan Convention.
There will be no appointments, only Walk-ins.
There will be no requests for designs because there will be a selection of flash and line-drawings to choose from and that is it...what you see is what you can get.
I hope it will work out. If this works then that means that there will be no early morning drawing sessions and that I will have time to walk around if that is what I feel like. There will be no delays due to change of designs and that means that I can use that time to either do an extra tattoo or just walk around or finally get that beer with my good friend Chriss who I always share the booth with. We will see.
Anyway! Here is a little sneak preview of the first paintings done. I got a bunch of animals sketched up that I hopefully will get painted before the convention and if not I will bring the lines.

I think that I will sell the paintings after they are done but not for flash. I don't know yet! They are supposed to be like a custom tattoo. A custom tattoo that is already made up for you! You don't even have to think of the idea. Wooow!
Well I will let you guys know how it went and if everything goes well I will have some cool pictures to prove it.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Those left behind

Here is a couple of tattoos that never made it to myspace or here on the blog. Sometimes I just forget about it or sometimes I don't feel like crop and resize or whatever and there for they get left behind...but not this no! So here is a mix of tattoos.

If you look closely you can see that it is listening to Slayer, "Season in the abyss" on its old school Sony waterproof walkman.

There is gonna be a better picture of this one sometime. This is pre-touchup/re-boosting of the colors.

Kind of a tribute to the band Gojira.

A priest, a rabbi, a sloth and a platypus walks into a bar...

My Aussi came back today for some more tattoo adventure. I guess 8 hours wasn't enough time to get tattooed now that he came all the way from Australia so he added 3 hours more pain to the bill. He already had a bunch of cool animals tattooed on him so it was hard to come up with something new but he did it. A slooooth. Awesome!

After this crazy animal it was time to fix up a few shaky lines and add some stuff and do a bit of touch up on Mark and his fox and platypus. I took a picture before we started so it wouldn't look strange with a couple of new lines here and there. Touchup pictures sucks.

So here they are...crazy animals du jour.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

You are not from around here, are you?

This little alien squid lady took almost 8 hours on this poor dudes shin!! Auiieeee!! Well he is a trooper that's for sure! Not only did he last like forever...he came all the way from Australia to see me. That is a looooong way! And as if that wasn't enough...he is getting tattooed again tomorrow!! I don't know what they put in the water "Down Under" but hook me up!

I gotta skip to bed now! Finished at 1 am and weren't at home until 2 am so I am beat!

Tomorrow a sloth and a platypus!