Thursday, February 5, 2009

This is just a test!

Usually when I go to Conventions I end up overbooking myself and that usually results in me having to get up early every morning and draw and won't have time for breakfast or anything. When the day is done, usually after they throw me of the floor as one of the last artist still working, I will be beat after a loooong day of drawing and tattooing. Therefore I have decided to try something out for this years Milan Convention.
There will be no appointments, only Walk-ins.
There will be no requests for designs because there will be a selection of flash and line-drawings to choose from and that is it...what you see is what you can get.
I hope it will work out. If this works then that means that there will be no early morning drawing sessions and that I will have time to walk around if that is what I feel like. There will be no delays due to change of designs and that means that I can use that time to either do an extra tattoo or just walk around or finally get that beer with my good friend Chriss who I always share the booth with. We will see.
Anyway! Here is a little sneak preview of the first paintings done. I got a bunch of animals sketched up that I hopefully will get painted before the convention and if not I will bring the lines.

I think that I will sell the paintings after they are done but not for flash. I don't know yet! They are supposed to be like a custom tattoo. A custom tattoo that is already made up for you! You don't even have to think of the idea. Wooow!
Well I will let you guys know how it went and if everything goes well I will have some cool pictures to prove it.


Flora Amalie said...

Der er desværre ikke nogen der kan få dem her, for jeg skal ha' dem allesammen.

Jesse Smith said...

Eep kop ginopple ikke nogen vegslammer digmogno!

Kim-Anh Nguyen said...

oh fuck, i looove the one with the hand and the owl!
see you in milano!


The point that Jesse is so wisely bringing up is true !! However , I believe the opposite to also be true !! What to do ? Oh well , you'll figure it out buddy !! I like the idea and think it's gonna catch on !!! You should have one with a tripod !! Ok ... See ya Sunday !!

Uncle Allan said...

Nick and Jesse... I feel what you are saying and I will think about it! There is always 3 sides of a pizza so you must never rush into things.

Thanks guys

Sam said...

awww i wish i was gonna be there, those designs are sweet! xxx

Matt Lodder said...

Wow - they're gonna be big pieces! You are genius, Al.


Once again, very wise Allan ! Let us not rush into this dilemma and let time help us on our quest for the correct answer in this gripping situation !!! Hey , I know !! I'll have more than enough time to think about it in the next 28 hours !!! See ya on the other side buddy !!

Luca said...

i'm gonna get one of thoose pieces, rest assured ;)

patolicious said...

I want the elephant!!!!