Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A priest, a rabbi, a sloth and a platypus walks into a bar...

My Aussi came back today for some more tattoo adventure. I guess 8 hours wasn't enough time to get tattooed now that he came all the way from Australia so he added 3 hours more pain to the bill. He already had a bunch of cool animals tattooed on him so it was hard to come up with something new but he did it. A slooooth. Awesome!

After this crazy animal it was time to fix up a few shaky lines and add some stuff and do a bit of touch up on Mark and his fox and platypus. I took a picture before we started so it wouldn't look strange with a couple of new lines here and there. Touchup pictures sucks.

So here they are...crazy animals du jour.

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Flora Amalie said...

Hehe, du er sjov.

Og også dygtig, selvfølgelig!