Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"congratulations sir, It's a blog"

A new blog is born...
I have just published my new photoblog Photographic Memories. There will be very little text and more photos and most likely no tattoos...unless a model has some that is.
There is already a few posts lined up to be posted but a little at a time so check back once in a while.
So please go check it out and I hope you will enjoy it.

In other photo related news:

Copenhagen Cycle Chic is a cool blog showing our danish bike culture in a stylish fashion (pun intended). I really like the way of shooting people on the street and it inspired me to take some shots in the spirit here of, on my last trips to Japan. They were kind enough to put a bunch of my shots up on the blog. Please go check that out HERE and HERE and let me or them know what you think. There might be a post on the new blog later with more shots from this series.

I gave myself an extra Christmas present this year! A DARKROOM (no Eckel, still not the touchy touchy tecno kind of darkrrom). Soon I will be able to develop and print my own pictures! I CAN'T WAIT!! I pretty much got a great deal on everything I will need to do it so now we just have to build the room. I bought it from a great photographer who is a friend of ours and a friend of Amalie's parents. Mr. Peter Olsen. It felt really good buying it from someone who has been taking so good care of it as he has and who knows what he is doing with the stuff. Thanks Peter for the great deal. Exciting! I will have the best teacher I can imagine, Mr Nikolaj Meding who is a great photographer and Amalie's cousin. The great people at Photografica has also promised me to be as helpful as possible and I have already borrowed a couple of books on the subject from one of the guys. This is going to be AWESOME!!

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Now Go check out all the links!

See you soon!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I will see you again...

So where were we this time?

Well, we are back from Japan...have been for a while now I guess. It is crazy cold here in Copenhagen specially coming from nice weather in Tokyo. But it is good to back together with the Gang and I have been keeping myself busy with fun stuff...hence the absence from this here blog.

To make a long post short, I have been tattooing a bunch but not much to post YET.
I have been trying to go through the huge Gigapiles of pictures from the trip.
I just finished sorting through the pictures of bikes and people on bikes from Japan. Some of these might go on this Danish blog if they like my pictures. More about that if that happens.

So many things have happened that I don't know where to start or what to say... ok breath...

Well, I have decided to start a new blog. I will make a blog for my photos so the ones of you who only care about the tattoo stuff don't have to scroll through long post with pictures of...well, not tattoos. Also I kinda feel guilty for making these long posts for the same reason, so therefore a new blog will be born soon. I will still have small posts here on this blog when I update the photoblog and if I have stories or what ever to tell about the pictures. See the idea about the new blog is to have more pictures and less words. So the journal part stays here. Anyway... more about that when I am done editing more pictures and come up with a name that doesn't sound too stupid or pretentious.

Since Myspace is dead (or slowly and painfully dying) I decided to kill my internet boredom by joining something that I though I would newer get into. No it's not facebook. I will NEVER make a facebook profile. No, you see, I now have a Twitter account. Yeb! Havn't tweeeeeted much yet but as soon as I have something to say and have figured out how it all works I guess updates and news will be flowing there for you all to see. I figure it will be everything from updates about travels, cancellations/openings, shows or conventions or stuff for sale but also stupid stuff that I want to share with the rest of my fellow internetters. So hit me up. Im...well Uncle_Allan. There will also soon be a link here to push if you can't find me for some reason.

The two paintings from the "Scream With Me" show, that didn't got sold, is now back and safe at the Conspiracy. If you wanna check them out in real life or even wanna own one of them then drop by the shop.

Please keep an eye on Amalies blog for an update of her Etsy shop. She is putting some of her latest masterpieces up there and I took the pictures of them for her shop. It was a fun day so I am looking forward to see the result online. The hats are amazing so go check them out when the shop is up again.

More news soon...

Now as promised, some pictures!

Matt got the other hand after all. Hope it stays in there!!

One of the last pieces from Japan. A HELL MOUTH!

I finally got to tattoo Rei.

This one was inspired by the Mastodon cover for Blood mountain. Geeks will recognize the logo.

A little sneak peak... I wanna get a picture of it healed before I post the whole thing.

No music video today...but a little treat anyway!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


This is the final post from Japan. Final FROM Japan but not about Japan. I have tons of pictures just waiting to be uploaded to my own computer so I can go through them.
We are test packing and will be sending some crap home later today. Tonight will be our goodbye dinner and tomorrow morning we will leave this amazing place to go back what can only seem like a suburb compared to this wonderful city. We will leave this amazing weather, where we have been able to just wear a hoodie and maybe a coat if cold, for snow blizzards and freezing temperatures. Not good. But at least we have some good people and a good shop to come home to. Friends!!
Now we will go have a last breakfast at our Jazz cafe. Gonna miss that too along with all the other things that makes me soooo damn happy here. But we will be back soon.

This is what we are listening to while packing. Still love it!!