Monday, August 23, 2010

Not excatly rocket sience...

... but that doesn't mean that we can't tattoo people who work for Nasa designing their fancy moooon stuff. More about that day later. I think Amalie has something lined up for later.

First Tattoo (tattoos?)

Our Polish/irish friends came by and brought cake and everything. Good times. Satanic fox and fancy devil Lady! Awesome!!

This guy is an old customer of mine. Waaaaay back. Now he came back and got himself a nice little Bier mädchen. He is from Germany after all and does like big boobs and bier and who am I to refuse him that!

Did these two pieces a earlier this year. Just never got a picture of them.

I have been waiting almost 2 hours for my old Iphone to get updated so I can change it to my new iphone 4 and start playing with it. Well I guess that will be tomorrow since it is late now here in Denmark.

More crazy tattoos to come and a finished painting too soon!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ready to start

Some Chase action at my workstation.

Since it has been a while since I have posted anything here I will try to get you all up to date in one post. It is the only way that I can catch up and get back in a normal flow here. There is still a bunch of pictures from both Japan and California that I wanna post but first I will bring you up to date with current affairs.

Since the last time, we went on vacation...meaning one week of redecorating our living room and the shop, and one week in the country side. Good times and much needed relaxation.

Some tattoos have been made...some posted here and some not finished or too bloody to take a picture of so they will have to wait a bit.

Nick finally came back to us and the new shop!! Awesome to have the whole team together at one place and it is amazing to have such a good team around! When we get Eckel brainwashed to like War of the worlds, it will be the perfect unstoppable team! It will happen!! Ohh yes!!!

Friends came and visited from Austria and Texas Via Tokyo. More good times!!

I finally received my amazing prints from one of my absolute favourite photographers, Chase Lisbon
. We got them all framed and hung them in the shop with a bunch or other photos. Unfortunately we only got to enjoy them for a short time because we had to take them down while the water damage in our kitchen is being fixed...long story that sucks. They will be back up soon we hope. If you like nekid gals and awesome photography then go check out his work at Supercult. Him and his fiancé is in the middle of making a movie which makes them starving artists so go subscribe to Supercult or her site if you like what you see. Even better write him an email to buy some prints of his awesome photos at

The big photos are from Mr Chase Lisbon surrounded by my photos.

You can actually see this big but from our backyard through the kitchen window.

We got a car...kind of. It turned out that the insurance and taxes was more expensive than the car itself. Well a car none the less. Go see Jean Luc The'car here.

There is most likely a bunch of stuff that could be interesting to write about but I forgot. As usual, if you wanna see more about what we are up to go check up on Amalies blog here.

I am trying to find some time and energy to do some paintings and I also have a bunch of photo projects in mind but we will see. Art show in SF coming up and so is the London convention. This year there will be NO prebooking. ONLY walk-ins. I will do a bunch of pre-drawn designs to choose from and that will be the only things I will be tattooing at the convention. I will only tattoo them once so it will still be one of a kind tattoos. So if you wanna get tattooed by me at the London convention then drop by the booth and see if there is anything you will like and if there is time for you. It's that easy.

Now it is time for me to have my first day with NO plans in I don't know how long. I know I should edit photos or draw or paint but I feel like charging the batteries and do as little as possible before a new week begins with a bunch of interesting tattoos to do and hopefully also a finished painting. That's right. Only background and some fresh outline and there will be a new laaaaady at the shop.

See you all soon and thanks for keeping coming back here. Now what most of you have been waiting of tattoos.

South African Donkerbok (dark goat I think)

...and South African Gentleman Eagle.

Swedish Red Riding Hood covering a dragon.

An Australian Gent. Good with math too.

Austrian SW love.

Austrian cat lady...not crazy though.

German sleeve almost done.