Friday, August 2, 2013

Black black black

I'm still working on my Black Metal book project that will be published through Clandestine Republic as soon as I get completely done with putting together stuff... I keep finding stuff I want to add to this dark project of mine and therefore keep postponing the deadline... BUT it will happen. I still feel that there is some black metal tattoos to be done so if you have some cool idea in mind that has something to do with Black Metal then let me know ad I will try to squeeze you in as soon as possible. Since there is a deadline somewhere I will do what I can to get these last minute pieces done asap. So Email me if you have an idea that you think will work with the project. I have to point out that is really have to have some reference to Black Metal music and not just satanic imagery. I would prefer to do stuff with reference to band members or bands but it can also be reference to a song title or even lyrics. 

Immortal on Copenhell 2012

I know that it isn't fair to the ones who have been waiting for an appointment forever but I need to finish this soon so I will have to do it this way. But if you are on the waitinglist to get something else you can still jump on this opportunity and still keep your spot on the list. This is two different things. So get on it people and help me make this book super awesome and dark!!! 

Email me with idea, size, placement and reference if needed to: