Saturday, January 29, 2011

Everybody needs a hand

Ahhhh...It's saturday and I am not planning to work...well other than do this blog here. Not really a work but sometimes feels a bit like one of those things that you have to do. Doesn't mean that I don't like doing it, it just gets in the way sometimes. Today will mostly be spend in my living room relaxing with pretty books...not the kind with words in them...picture books. Vinyls will be played and hopefully I will be able to squeeze in a bit of Call Of Duty, Black Ops in as well. So far I have only played it with the gang so I feel it is time for some mission action.
This week was a tough bastard to get through. For a long time I have managed to keep the pains away. Tattooers knows what I am talking about. The back pains, the muscle pains, the wrist pains and the hand pains but this week I guess I did something wrong and it resulted in a few days of intense back pains. Still had to work and I think in an attempt to not overwork my back I used some other muscles in a wrong way that moved the pain to my arms. This for me is reason enough to take a couch day off. I do have piles of drawing ideas, piles of started sketches, almost done tshirt designs and paintings to be done but thet will all have to wait a bit. There is a full week of tattooing in front of me so I better charge a bit before starting again.

Well that was enough complaining, don't you think?
Now for the more fun stuff. Tattoo pictures.

Martin has become an instant regular. We are almost done with his Satanic sleeve. We are waiting for some laserwork to be done so we can do the last bit. So on his latest trip down from Norway we decided to start what ended up beeing a front piece. Pictures will have to wait a bit but it includes a satanic skeleton pope and some other cool things! I also did an exception and did his hands. No that doesn't mean that YOU can get them done here as well.
Zombie on one hand and sad gypsy on the other.

This is the Straight Edge zombie so if you don't want him to eat your brain all you have to do is drink a beer or light up the joint. No intoxicated brains for this Zombie.

This here fortuneteller chick is sad because she broke her crystal ball. It's the second this month and those bad boys are expensive.

Yesterday Olaf came for his 2 second touch up and got himself a gentleman bird. My original customer had to cancel so there was an opening so why not use it for something fun?

Other pieces was started or continued but I am trying to cut back on the in progress pictures unless it is something that will take a while to finish. Well you can see a bit about one of them on Amalies blog since she got some more flowers on her leg/knee.

There will soon be some more action on the photo blog. Promise! But for now some relaxing time.

For those who have asked about my Instagram my username is Unclea.

One last thing! I need your help. Tattoo Artist Magazine has asked me to do a monthly blog post on their blog. Thing is I can't come up with anything interesting to say. Help me out here. What would you like to hear me talk about? Anything? Email me on or just leave a comment but ideas will be appreciated.

See you guys later. Ya'll have a nice weekend.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Grrr arrggghh...

I wanna write stuff here but I got things to do...important things...ok ok I'm gonna hang with Amalie and Nick but that IS important. I also wanna post this post now so it won't be a lifeless blog anymore. Here! Pictures! Awesome!

Australian sisters! Another trooper in the books with her T-Rex grrrrfullness.

Other sister got her first tattoo and did fine! Nooo problem!

Not new but just got healed pictures

Ok now hangout time! Hopefully more blogging soon!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Radio silence.

After many days of days off and last minute cancellations I finally have something to report from the tattoo factory.
Sunday was a good hangout day with many people at the shop but the main purpose was to tattoo Christel. You people who havn't found me on Instagram yet has to wait a bit before seeing that awesome piece. I can reveal this: Hot chick in lingerie chillin on pillows and with roses. Awesome!! Sorry for the tease.

Yesterday our Russian Comrade Max came to get the other shin done. Tough dry Russian skin makes it hard to take good pictures of a fresh tattoo and you will have to wait to see them both together next to each other. A fun piece to do indeed.

This was the first piece we did.

And this is what we did this time on the other shin.

I actually just found out that I had forgotten to post this tattoo. Very fitting actually... A Russian doll. I did this piece just before we left for Japan last time so in the all the stress it never made it to the blog but what better time to post it than on a post about our Russian buddy?

There will be a bit more radio silence here on this blog since we have the most of this week off. We were supposed to travel but that didn't happen so we decided to get some things done around here but that means no new tattoos for a couple of days. Well, I might get to tattoo Amalie and I might get to draw or paint a bit so with a bit of luck there will be something t report in the days to come. There will be pictures going up on the New Photo Blog so head over there and check that out now and then.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Welcome to the future

Space age!! Future world!! Can you feel it?? well me neither.

So I hope you all made it to the other side of the new year in a good and nice way.

I don't really know how to say thanks for 2010 but I do wanna say thank you to all the cool people we have met in 2010. All our old friends that we got to see again in 2010. All the great people who came and got tattooed in 2010. All the amazing people who have gone out of their way to help us with our impossible and neverending project that is our new amazing shop. To all of you people who have checked back on this here blog even though it stands still at times. Thanks for all the support and great comments. Hope you will stick with me for at least one more year. Well in short...Thanks to all of you who was a part of making 2010 a good year. Hope you will help me make 2011 even better. Because even though 2010 was great it has also been a handful at times so I hope we can make this year a bit less troublesome.
I would also like to thank everyone who has show interest in my new photoblog. The response so far has been really awesome and I am so happy that you like it. It will be updated more than this since there is less words and more pictures and I got a lot of pictures that just waits to be used in some way and I am counting on keeping them coming. If there is anyone who has feedback on what you would like on that blog please let me know. Like, should there be more text? Do you want more info about the shoots? Do you want more details about what I have used and how? Anything, please get back to me.

SO, Big thank you for 2010

Mads and Peter is no strangers to our shop. Actually they have been getting tattooed by me many times since they turned 18. The twins were the last tattoos I did in 2010 and a good way to end the year work wise. Always good company and I look forward to the the next twin day!

Peter got himself a little green Hanya demon dude. The pictures didn't turn out to good so maybe there will be some better ones later.

Mads got a tattoo of the family dog, Balder. Again not the best shot but it will do for now.