Friday, December 25, 2015

Sign Of An Open Eye

Here is some more photos from the amazing Blekk Metal Event this year in Bergen, Norway. These are from one of my favourite shows, Gaahls Wyrd. More shots and alternative versions can bee seen on my photo blog HERE

Unholy Night

Using these holidays to post some stuff on these here old blogs. I guess it is about time and waaaaay overdue.
In November I was a part of a very special and historic black metal and tattoo event in Bergen, Norway... Blekk Metal. Go check out the site to see more about what you missed out on. And miss out you did if you weren't there. This was a once in a life time kinda thing!
Besides being there to tattoo I also brought my camera to capture a few of the bands playing there. Some of these photos have been posted on my photo blog and more will follow soon. Go HERE to see them.
Here is a couple of alternative versions of some of the shots.