Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hit The Lights

This last week has been busy but good and eventful. We had our German friend Eckel working with us. Great guy and I hope he will come back to us soon. He was one of these really easy guests who took care of himself and didn't need any big help or anything.
This week I also went to Metallica who were playing not one but five shows in Copenhagen. With them they had Lamb Of God and Mastodon who I was most excited about seeing. Unfortunately they were given the first spot of 25 minutes and with the smallest setup on stage and with the worst sound ever. I really hope they are coming back on a headliner tour soon! After that Lamb Of God played for about 50 min. It was like the sound guy were starting to wake up a bit but the sound still wasn't the best. Metallica played for 2 hours and if it hadn't been for Lars' lack of rythmic skills it would have been an awesome show...well that and the way to many new songs. But other than that it was fun! Laser, fire big floating coffins that held the many lamps that made a crazy lightshow. Good stuff.

This week was another international week. One day we had Denmark, Germany, Finland, Australia, The UK and Austria represented. Crazy. Well my new Finnish friend got a really nice Olympus camera tattooed. As a Photo geek I was very excited to do this.

Friday I tattooed Eric who works on and off in Helsingør. Great guy. It was a very relaxed day where we just hung out while I tried to do my design. Wehad planed the day so I only had him so we had time to hang out and not just tattoo him and rush him out the door. More good times.

Well a bunch of other things happened and it has been a fun but busy week but now it is vacation time!!! Hopefully this will mean a lot of drawing and painting and photographing.
Today I hope to get on with my Death Metal banner for London where Chiss D and I will share booth and make two banners that fits together. Hopefully this will also become skateboards, tshirts and prints but more about this later!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Shake it like a polarized picture

These pictures is all just random Iphone pictures taken with the Polarize app. Pretty nifty. It might not be the best phone camera but with a little help from some applications, it ain't too bad. You take a picture and it turns it into what you see here. Then you can choose to tag it with a "hand writing".

First some more recent pictures from this years Roskilde Festival and hanging with our new friends in Cancer Bats and Co.

My Birthday this year with our friends in Hamburg.

Some shots from California this year.

Coffee on Vesterbro

Our last trip to Japan this spring

Just a little random post. Hope you liked it anyway.

Here comes the rooster.

Björns Rooster was done in 2 sessions so the lines looks a bit pale next to all the fresh colours but it will have to do for now.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rats and whales!!

I'm sorry but I am way too busy watching Whale Wars to come up with a good text for this post...although it deserves it!! I'm just here waiting for Ninjavideo to stream some more of the episode that we are watching right now.
Well both these guys did well!!! Good people and good pieces. Now enjoy while I Watch some more whale show!!

Scott's Roman Lady.

Martin's Rats.

Also check this trailer out!! The Cove

Monday, July 13, 2009

It's a loooong road

Today I did my flash sheet for Tattoo Artist Magazine.
I had decided to do a Rambo flash sheet...don't ask why because I don't know how that happened! Well here it is..well the shitty scanned version of it that is. BUT This is not for grabs anyway! If you wanna use this then please buy the flash through the magazine.

Warning! Rant ahead:

This was brought to my attention the other day:

Apparently sleazy rock party promoters are the only ones doing anything for the Danish tattoo scene!
Before i was informed of this, i had no idea that making parties at nightclubs, with strippers, a way too young audience, loads of drunk people, tattooing in a backroom of the club, offering the logo of the event tattooed for free, was considered doing something for the "scene"!
No idea... I would not have guessed it!
Silly me, here I was, thinking that the people making a difference for the Danish tattoo scene were the tattooers, who tried to show people what is going on it the wide world of tattooing, travelling and educating themselves, and raising the standard of tattooing.
The ones who are trying to educate customers about what to look for when getting a tattoo.
The people who are promoting great tattooers by showing their work and telling the people what is actually possible these days.
But I was wrong. I was thinking about sooo many different people but no... Party promoters!! That's who!!
Now that i think about it, I bet that's how it is all over the world.
And come to think of it... how about the people who create clothing lines with tattoo designs on them? They got it right too I guess!! Awesome people!!
Good job assholes!! Don't expect a thank you basket from me any time soon!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hail Destroyer

2004 was the last time Amalie and me went to the Roskilde Festival but this year ouf friend Stan hooked us up with free tickets incl. fancy Media tickets which gives you free pass to better toilets, shortcuts, shorter lines for bars and food and a bunch of asskissers. Stan was on tour with Cancer Bats who I really like so that was perfect!

Stan our Roskilde dealer

We didn't want to do the whole camping thing so we decided to go back and forth every day with Wookie as our driver. The band ended up doing the same. Half of them stayed with Wookie and the rest with us. It was fun having new friends as house guests.

Friday was maaaad busy but fun...and hotter than hell. We got to see Isis, Faith No More, Down 2 songs of Satyricon, and I ended the day with Nine Inch Nails. Sooooooo goood!!!
Amalie has a better report of the day and more pictures HERE.

Saturday started a bit late. Wookie had to fix something with his car so I missed Dawn Of Demise where my buddy Jacob was gonna sing along on the last song. BUT we made it there in time to see our new friends Cancer Bats play a really awesome show!!

Since we had the fancy passes we could see the show from the stage but we quickly decided to go in front of the stage so we could see and hear them better.

Uuuhhh...Fancy Pass!!

After kicking ass for an hour in the summer heat we all chilled in the promised land called backstage where the drinks are cold and free and there is food and cake for free as well. There wasn't anything any of us wanted to see that day anyway so we hung out there for a few hours. Later I some how got talked into going to see Slipknot. I hate them and wasn't planing on going anywhere near the stage where they were playing but everyone was going and after hearing rumours about their show (spinning drums and fire) I was tricked into going anyway. Well...I actually think I hate them more now! There was spinning drums and A LOT of fire (that we could feel waaaaay back where we stood) but I just can't stand clowns and gimmick bands like that...and the sounds sucked sooo bad too.

We hung out a bit after that and then went over to try to see Fever Ray. There were way to many people so we just went home instead.

More Amalie stories from saturday HERE.

Sunday started with brunch in Copenhagen before going back to Roskilde for the last (and busy) day. After sitting in a traffic Jam for a looong time we just made it in time to see Neurosis. We had to go before the show was over to go see Eagels Of Death Metal. Thay Rocked hard as always and the Band and Co. came and saw most of the show before they had to leave so it was a good goodbuy (or See you later).
Before EODM was done we had to run to the next stage to see M ward. MMMMMM.....Ward! Sooooo goood! We got some good spots right in front of the stage a bit to the side so there was no one behind us. Good show!! After that we were starting to feel full. We went to see the end of The Bronx, who I had heard so many good things about but I couldn't focus on listening to new music. While we looked for food we listened to the last song from Madness before we went over to see Yeah yeah yeahs. We were all just way to warn out by this time so even though they rocked out like nobodies business then we were to smashed to enjoy it and that was the end for our Roskilde Festival.

One thing is for sure...we need to find a new band to tack along next year because going to Roskilde this way is the only way now.

Thanks Stan for hooking us up and hanging out and thanks to Cancer Bats & Co for some great days!

More Amalie report HERE.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

country for...tiny men

Anki's parents were nice enough to take us into their homes after the wedding. Her father is a big collector of many things...I like that. There were so many things every where but what grabbed the attention was the big railway track/village he was building up stairs. Really nice. He promised us that it would be even better next year when we come back! So maybe more pictures next year.