Sunday, August 21, 2016

BLACK... Update!!!

The first draft of the book have be reevaluated and the second, and hopefully final, draft will soon be in my hands...or on my laptop...either way we are getting close. 
I wanna say thank you, to everyone who have already pre-ordered the book and have been waiting patiently for it in the mail.
You see... There was simply more awesomeness than what the first original book would have been able to contain. We therefore had no other choice than to expand the book with 20 brand new pages. We still haven't gotten everything all nicely tugged in there but I am confident, that when that 2nd draft reaches me, it will all be fitted in there perfectly.

Clandestine Republic had decided to stop the pre-orders, but partially because we had to expand the book, we still need some money to afford to get all our books from the printer. The pre-orders is therefore opened again for two weeks. If you din't make it the first tie around, I suggest you don't sleep on it this time. The price for the pre-order will still be the same as before BUT, since the book has grown since then, the price, once printed, will go up a bit. So not only do you get a favourable price with the shipping and all, you also save money on the book by jumping on this offer. There is also still the Limited VIP edition available, including all the limited prints and postcards and stuff. Hand signed and everything! 

So please... Help out if you can. Spread the word. Buy the book if you haven't already. Help us get this book out as soon as possible! It is epic!! 

You can go to Clandestine Republic HERE to see the official statement and HERE to buy the Pre-order. There is a few previews of some different spreads in the book! I just can't wait to show you all the whole thing in its entirety.

I will be back soon with more news as soon as I get a moment. It might involve New York trip in october, new merch for the London Convention and in general, Halloween party at the Conspiracy Inc. and much more so come back again soon!