Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy old year!!

Since it's not really the new year YET then first happy old year!!

Thanks too everyone who looks at this little blog of mine! Please keep dropping by!!!
I know that there hasn't been too much activity lately but that will change in the new year...that means in a day or two. I got 5 rolls of film that will be developed in 2 days!! 5 rolls of LOMO madness!! This will be the first picture we will have from the brand new Lomo!! Well I have gotten 2 films back already but they were more like pre tests but maybe a few of those will be among the next couple of posts I will put up when I get back to life in 2009. Also new paintings and news and stuff!!! So come back soon!!!


Friday, December 26, 2008

Life sign!

Xmas is kinda over but we are still in the countryside. Xmas was great with lots of lots of good food, family and amazing presents. One of them will be used here on the blog hopefully within too long. I good my granddads old camera that my mom got when he died. She knows how much I love to take pictures so she thought that I would use it well. It needs a quick visit at a camera shop since it hasn't been used for like 30 years or something so we couldn't get it opened. Everything is still working and the camera is in a really nice condition so after a quick clean-up it should be ready to hit the streets with me and the new black and white films I got from my brother.

My amazing wife got me a bunch of really cool things like a new bag and fancy shaving stuff and something that is beeing held hostage by the postoffice so that will have to wait till we are back in Copenhagen.

While unpacking all the stuff from Amalies parents (they moved down here permanently on the 21th.) I found the spots that I had been looking for among some of their things. Turns out that the spot that I wanted is actually a copy of the ones that Hans, Amalies dad, has and that they came from a factury that he worked on so he had a few lying around. I got myself two!! AWESOME!!! Can't wait to play with them. They give the best light for photos!

I also got 6 James Bond Dvds. One of the few things on my actual wishlist. We have already seen Goldfinger, You Only Live Twice and Diamonds Are Forever. Gooooood stuff!!!

Ok that is it! More updates later...what's that? Why there isn't any pictures? Well that is a good question. Although I have brought my Digital Canon and several lenses I have only shoot Analog while we have been down here. Felt more like it. So there is already 4 rolls of film ready for development...too bad it will take a week to get them back as soon as I turn them in!!! ARRRGGGGGGG!!!! CRAPPY COUNTRY!!!!!!

Anyway...maybe I will pick up the Canon and shoot some things! I kinda need to see some results.

Hope you all had a nice xmas too!!
See you all soon!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Java devil! You are now my bitch!

Todays sunday present was one very important tool for me. It's function is important for me and can determine the outcome of the rest of my day!

A cup for my coffee!!!

...and a pretty one too!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Frankie!

Yesterdays work was a lot of fun. I have decided that it is time to change style so from now on I will be like the great masters of realism, Bob Tyrell, and Robert Hernandeeeeez (prince of tattoo). Mr and Mrs Ugle aka Thomas and Sussie came by for their boyfriend/girlfriend tattoos. As the horror movie fans they are they decided that their tattoos should be the Monster of Frankenstein (really not a monster...just a misunderstood shmuck) and his bride. Him on him and her on her

...that sounds silly

...but it looked great!

See how realistic it is!!! It's almost as looking at a picture!!! ..almost.

Ok...maybe I wont go all Bobby T from now on but I do like making these simple, traditional looking "portraits".

"...2 Shriners in go-carts...they're going down"

Last night I saw the scariest band in the world, DEADBOLT!! In a rain of sparks from the metal grinder (sorry I don't know the correct term for this kind of tool) followed by a mist of hairspray they started the show that hasn't changed a bit, and hopefully never will. Never have I seen a band smoke so many cigarettes on stage...they actually stopped a song to have a cigarette break!!
The air was filled with hairspray, smoke and flying cigarette buds. When ever the drummer (who played the entire show standing) were finished with his smoke he flicked it at Harley (the singer), who would return the favour after his next smoke. Shots were had and poison from a very dangerous rubber snake was flushed down like soda...crazy I tell you!! Kids... Don't try this at home!!
One of my favourite parts was when a bunch of crusty looking hippy types were standing in front of the stage yelling for them to play Watongo, a song about a god who kills dirty smelly hippies. One of Deadbolts trademarks is their hate of hippies and clowns so it's also a bit ironic that they play in the Hippy capital of Scandinavia, Christiania. Maybe they have made their peace.

Iphone picture of the madness that is Deadbolt

It was a great show! The walk home for one and a half hour with my heavy, locked bike was not so much fun!! I lost my bike key somewhere so I had to carry it all the way home by lifting the back tire. Not what I had planed for my Friday night.

Today...painting action!

Friday, December 12, 2008

More J-pop madness!!

Amalie just showed me this video from one of our favorite J-pop stars...That's right, she is a Star!!
I have noooooo clue what this video is all about but words like insane comes to mind.

Enjoy...Otsuka Ai, Chu-lip

If you want more then go Here

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Congratulations...It's a Russian!

Santa came early this shape of a delivery man, but still.
With him he brought me a biiig box of Lomo goodness!!! Ok ok maybe, just maybe, it wasn't Santa...I might have bought it myself but they had an offer that I couldn't resist!!! Sorry honey!!
Well in this big box of Lomolisious goodies there was, among other treats, my new addition to my growing family of cameras:
The Lomo LC-A+

This little russian treat was made in the early 80's and is originally a copy of a Japanese camera. The Russians wanted to make a small camera that was as good as the Japanese but cheaper! Now I guess it is more popular than ever.
After many failures with my 35mm Holga I decided to give this one a try...Hope it won't let me down. But with it's many fancy functions it should be easier to get a result and not just roll after roll of nothing on it! I guess I didn't have the temper to work with the demanding Holga. But this little lady has the modern technology to take great pictures without too much thinking and that is what I like about this type of camera. Now I just have to shoot away and wait till I can get my rolls of film back from development!

Back to the box!
besides the beaut that by the way came in the nice wooden box with a book of tricks and a little book of other cool Lomo pictures, was a wideangle lens, a release cable (so expect a bunch of self portraits), two rolls of film, and the BIG book of LC-A+. The history of the camera and tons of cool picture and funny drawings. mmmmmmmmmmm!!!! Can't wait to play with my new friend!!!

Mmmm...all the Lomo-goodness in all it's glory.

Lucifer has gotten an addiction to tearing giftwrap paper after now 11 days of playing with the leftovers from Amalies present calender. He takes the paper and runs with it and tears it to bit and pieces. So while I was exited about my new box of goodies he came and took the leftover Lomo paper. But it can be draining to tear all that paper apart.

Lucifer enjoyed the Lomo-ness aswell.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hans Rigel...Bonn!!

My sweet sweet wife suprised me this morning when she had made me a xmas sunday present in a xmas sock and everything!! AWESOME!!! I like presents and candy and combine them...well you know ...again AWESOME!!!


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Suraido firumu kudasai

Holga 35mm with slide film. And should you find your self in Japan in need of slide film then just learn how to say the headline. That is how you ask for slide film in Japanese.

Here is Flora in Koenji close to our appartment.
More Holga 35mm action. This is also from Osaka . It is the building that the Tattoo event was held at. The first picture is taken from the taxi from the last post.

Hata and the cab

Here is a some of the few pictures that came out of my Holga 35mm. So far I have only gotten few pictures from each roll of film. But I do enjoy those few pictures that I actually get.

This is our friend Hata from Japan. We are in a cab in Osaka on our way to the Tattoo event that we worked on on our last trip to Japan.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Saaaad saaad girl!

I'm sorry but I am too sleepy to come up with anything funny or clever to write. Damian here came back to finish his sad sad girl. We did all the lines and black last time so that is why the black looks a bit pale compared to the rest. That's it!
Looking forward to have you back, Damian!

Sunday, November 30, 2008


You can see the original at the Unplugged show at Magnum Opus.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's aliiiive!

Another Antler lady is slowly coming to life. My day started a bit off when I had a strange reaction to some American cold medicine that made me feel like I had a bad coffee overdose (like that is even possible). It was supposed to be a half day off for drawing but when I came home and started to paint I was still too buzzed so it just didn't work! Frustrating!!! So I started to clean up an old sketch I had lying around so I would get something done. Later this evening it started to wear off so I actually got to paint a bit today!! WEEEEEEEEE!!!!
Hopefully I will get to finish this pretty soon so I can post it.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Out for a walk

Last night we went out to see our friend Martin, aka Pato, aka Siebenhaar as in Trolle//Siebenhaar play at Loppen. I had brought my Canon G9 to try out some stuff. I wanted to take some shots Martin style but it didn't really work as I wanted. My plan was to take some pictures inspired of how Martins old digital camera takes pictures, flash with long exposure, but that didn't work out so I tried some other things instead just for the fun of it. I donLink't really like taking pictures in the point-n-shoot way unless it's in a touristy kinda way. I like having the camera body and lens in my hand and looking through the viewfinder and I just don't get that same feeling of what you are doing with a small compact camera. The good thing is that it still has all the settings as a slr. It's not the best pictures I have ever taken but I wanted to post something from a good show. Check out Trolle//Siebenhaar.

The Old Looking ones

The Blue Ones

The Guitar

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shark ethic

This shark does not know what is going on!! What is up what that stupid buoy?? Is the shark hunting the rubber duck or is it the shark who is the victim here? A lot of good and relevant questions to this piece...answers? None!

South Of Heaven Valby Hallen to be exact, I went to see Slayer last night. I had (still have) a cold but I had to go anyway since Mastodon was playing too and I had never seen them live!
Some one might have asked me and Amalie if it snowed in Denmark around this time of year and we might have answered noooooo, maybe a bit in January or Febuary but not november...well we have to take that back. I don't know if it was because Slayer was in town so the temperature went down but it had snowed all day and when we left Valby Hallen the ground was white and the road slippery. Nothing crazy but still sucks when you can't get a cab and you have a cold. Anyway. Here is a few Iphone shots of evilness!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008




Tuesday, November 18, 2008

News Flash

Here is the news bird with today's headlines.

Viking winter blows.
Yesterdays story about nice Danish weather turns out to be a hoax. After a cold, windy, gray day with no trace of sun we must conclude that the Danish winter is here and that yesterdays weather was just a scam to make the naive people of Denmark believe that there were still some time left to enjoy life before the long cold winter. What evil person is behind this is still uncertain.

Thermo coffee mugs is a hit.

Tests showed that having hot coffee, for a long time, is a good thing. The people who participated in this test agreed that there were no drips from these newly imported cups and that they could keep coffee hot doing a cold winter day.

That Awesome Magazine.
Rumours has it that the upcoming issue of Tattoo Artist Magazine, a highly respected magazine, will feature Uncle Allan. Sources close to Allan says that the layout has been approved and that it looks nothing less than amazing. Something to look forward to.

Finally here.
The long anticipated shirts from Uncle Allan has finally arrived. These has been on their way for quite some time now but has just arrived this morning in time for the Christmas shopping coming up. So who knows if there will be any soft uncle Allan presents under the tree this year. Since this news is so fresh we havn't had a chance to get a good picture of this new hot item yet but pictures and more info about how to buy this sexy fashion item will be announced soon.

The Palma Crest.
The ongoing project on Mr. Martin came closer to an end today after a 6 hour session. The project in a bigger piece on the front of him and portraits his dog, Palma, framed in a crest, surrounded by deers and leafs. Pictures of this will be released soon.

It seems that Jetlag can appear days after arriving from a travel. People used to believe that it was only the day after arriving in a different country that jetlag could appear.
On this news we will end this nights broadcast and go to sleep.

Good night.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Insert sound of a...wookiee

Well...I think this is one of those tattoos that looks way better in real life than on pictures. I was really happy to get to do a Star Wars tattoo and it was fun to do Chewie as a old school tattoo. It was a strugle to minimize the use of details and I actually had to redraw the design 4 times to make it more and more simple. Next time we go back to Japan we will do someone else from Star Wars on the other foot. Maybe Yoda. Maybe Greedo. Maybe Jabba...who knows?

This other piece was this little guys first tattoo and was originally ment to be a small piece on one side of his chest but Hata talked him into getting a full chestpiece. Why the owl had to be a viking I don't really know but it's cool! To be continued next year.

Not the picture post I was hopeing for but I promised a picture of a wookiee so here it was.


We are back in Denmark and despite the cold welcome (it was freeeeezing cold) last night, today turns out to be a pretty nice day. The sun is shining, our box with crap that we sent two days ago from Japan got here, playing with Lucifer (soooo good to have him back),had a nice breakfast and now we are just chilling in our appartment, listening to our new J-pop cd's . We got the new Yui and our new addiction, Meg. Our friend, the good Kapten Hanna, told us about this Japanese music video with this girl and these "dancing cats". After seeing the video we had to buy the cd so that is what is playing right now. Thanks Hanna!!!

Later I might look through some more pictures from Japan and maybe upload some here...maybe a picture of tha Chewbacca foot I did the last day at Ink Rat!! Maybe!

Until next time...Meg!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Due to lack of time and internet and imagenation I will post todays post from my wife's blog.

She has already said my point so well that I don't have anything to add....and there is also a picture of my naked butt!!!

This post is also a confirmation that I survied yet another 7 hour session on my back from Shige.

Soooo go see "my" post here!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Why not...(part 2)

...Put smiling faces on your pots and kasarols? This is not from the toysection. But hey, why not look at a happy pot while you make dinner?

And why not make pudding in big buckets? It makes perfect sense to me...and the Japanese!!

ummm....lack of internet connection made me forget my headline

Some more pictures from our day in Ikebukuro shot with my new canon 24-105mm lens. First we met up with Toshi at the station. Then he took us to this amaaaazing 9 floor book store where we didn't have neerly enough time or money to spend. We spend the most time on the ninth floor where the art section was. Found some really nice reference books and the rest will have to wait till next trip. After that we took our first trip to Tokyo Hands. For those who isn't familiar with this piece of heaven on earth, the fastest way to describe it is: What ever you need, they have! That store has (almost) every thing from tiny gears to kitchen ware to custumes to stickers that says that you aren't allowed to flip the table no matter how angry you new fishing poles to that strange piece of plastic that you don't know what is called but you need for that other thing...well you get the point.
But since the Tokyo Hands in Ikebukuro isn't as big as the one in Shinjuku we decided to go to that one too...just to see if we missed out on something and ofcause we found a few extra things. After that it was time to head back to Koenji and hook up with the Ink Rats. Scroll down a bit and see who the story continues.